Video content workshop With Andy Burgess

Saturday 27th April 2019 | 11am-3pm

Andy Burgess is an internet filmmaker and storyteller who, in 2017, started making Snapchat stories with what he describes as a ‘cinematic feel’.

Fast forward two years and he has quickly become one of the most recognised creators on the platform and now also makes videos for Instagram Stories and IGTV. He found his audience on Snapchat when he was living in New York eight years after he left ACC.

The workshop will consist of:

– Opening Talk about his journey from ACC to now
– How to make your story stand out on Instagram (Creating engaging social videos)
– Building relationships with Brands and creators
– Behind the scenes of a brand deal
– How to edit and produce daily content for personal and brand channels
– How to monetise your creativity.
– Get very hands on in creating some high quality stories as well as learning to do advanced editing on your phones

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