Share a Story – The End of The World

May was national share a story month and ACC Birmingham took part in the annual celebration of storytelling and story sharing. This year’s theme was ‘The planet we share’ which included stories about the people, the animals and also the state of our planet.

The End Of The World

Written by Audley Markman

“I’m going to tell you exactly what is going on, and how I got here. But you have to trust me! Okay? My names Lay’Ora I’m an Arpretor – but I promise I will tell you more when I can, just listen first…”

Before life itself, there was a kingdom, a dynasty of spectacular opulence, enriched with the most highest of beings to ever live amongst this mystical universe – the Arpretors. A superior race that spread across the galaxy, that flourished and thrived because of one thing; The Grandfather. The one who created this universe – we now float around 4.5 billion years ago and therefore decided to create a flock of his own to carry out his wishes and commands as leader. It is believed to be that The Grandfather himself – now burrows his face in the palm of his hands in shame and has completely abandoned his faith and love in humanity, as his once pure race turned their backs on him.

The Grandfather endured the beauty of a thousand crystal blue seas, withheld the infinite amount of cosmic energy from the galaxy’s core, possessed the intelligence and omniscience of all his processors to ever exist, and the heart and omnibenevolence of a courageous and sacrificial martyr. Each Arpretor was made in the image and likeness of himself, he loved them, granting them infinite amounts of power and magic, resources to create grand structures and homes, the freedom to live peacefully amongst one another – a community. Until one day, the unexpected occurred. The Grandfather refused to grant the women of his perfect kingdom the chance to reproduce, to evolve, in case it ruined his chances of continuing his immaculate race and did not embody him at all. However, there was complete deafening silence which roamed amongst the vacant abyss, which hung so eerily, like a phantom in shadows thousands of feet above our heads every night. The Grandfather’s rage boiled up inside of him ever so drastically, he was ashamed of his race.

A catalytic chain of events disturbed the peace of this gargantuas universe and birthed our galaxy, our universe, and our home. Earth – 451 to be exact. All because the love between two Arpretor’s couldn’t withhold their love and lust anymore – and thus decided to create a child of their own. Me.

My parents Zor’ell and Lay’Omell spent years in hiding ever since The Grandfather found out about their act of selfishness and disgust – however I don’t think it was either of those things. Their hearts drifted together like a pure green leaf in the wind – flowing so elegantly in unison with the breeze, they couldn’t resist. I spent years sleeping on the cold, granite concrete that comforted my dreams every night, travelled countless days and nights until my legs burned like the pits of Earth… yes Earth. Until one day, a beam of fluorescent blue light beamed down upon our hut in the middle of nowhere – perpetuating such vibrance it was like we were the deer in the headlights. VOOM! A dozen of the The Grandmaster’s guards swarmed us like flies on manure, steel, sharp rifles dug into my skin, as two guards grabbed my mother by her long, purple single braid and flung her to the floor. My mother’s body lay stiff on the cold ground laying there like a ghoulish mannequin – her eyeballs stuck out like a sore thumb as she gazed into the guards eye, so frightened. A swift sharp motion was heavily drawn down onto her neck; as her blood flooded out creating a pool of crimson – my mother was

gone, and then so was my dad. That bright blue light shined once again and transported me into The Grandmaster’s palace. He was stern with me, and was inexcusably disgusted in my anatomy of life – I was a failure, a botched creation of life itself, impure. With the snap of fingers my subconscious went blank. My eyes slowly sunk into the back of my head as I was tossed into the unknown.​ The frame around the miscellaneous surroundings were filled with ominous brittle silence. The hallowed pool of subtle light had adorned itself with the diamonds of a thousand moons spinning ferociously out of control – until I reached Hell, or better yet Earth.

It’s quite funny; hell was a fierce word, a word to threaten children if they were too bad, the word to send shivers down a spine.The fiery beasts whose barbed tails coiled and snapped, their whips sharp, their horns like mighty mountains thrusting from their heads, wings reaching far and wide to swallow the man that dare stand before them. It was also a separate world; until I came here. I have been on this big green ball that floats so graciously throughout our galaxy for 20 years now, and as I now live on it, it is no peaceful planet. Chaos is embedded within this way of life. I’ve seen many disturbing things on this globe – and I’m ashamed.

Earth is where billions starve and your fridge is full, earth is where women hate men, men hate women, one religion hates another and races hate one another, where we squabble over if climate change is real or not while pristine habitats are destroyed and genetic diversity lost forever. Many stupid people think that hell is real, but theyre wrong. This planet they live on is hell – humans take this once pristine gem for granted and for what? their own selfish intent. Hell was not made for ordinary sins – and it’s true we were all born with an original sin so it makes sense as to why we were here. This is no blessing – it’s a curse. So by now you’re probably wondering what I am going to do now, but there’s nothing I can do. You wanted to know who I was, I told you, but I have no plan. I’ve been punished, and now I pay the price.

“I know I said I was going to fix this, but the damage is already done, you have failed your God – and you should be scared. The inevitable will soon arise…”

The sky fades into a deep black void – that secludes the world in darkness. The world has a broken heart, that no amount of money from man can fix. Mother nature weeps as she sticks to the shadows like a scared dog in the vacant streets – her last breath echoes through the air and exfoliates the dying flowers that whimper to themselves. Earth is nothing but a myth, a ball of destruction. You did this, you were warned and you didn’t listen!

When the final days for the humans of planet Earth came, they came out in droves, hoards even, to plead their innocence. The Grandmaster’s head peered through the grey clouds – and without blinking or murmuring a single word, he looked at them through his compound eyes, and sighed. Extermination was an unpleasant business – but had to be done. Petrified and bewildered by the sight and sound of great cities falling around them, and roaring waves crashing toward them, the fleeing multitudes, with struck hearts failing within them, they were tossed and flung like rag dolls, to be entombed or engulfed, or stoned from above, until the ancient world came to an apocalyptic end.

“I know I have spoken so poorly about this earth – but my time spent here I cannot deny that amongst all this evil; there is some good! I must do something.” So as The Grandmaster looks over the world, he notices me and awaits for me to greet him. I did not. He seemed disgusted and couldn’t stand the sight of me – which I still couldn’t understand, but I had a plan, a voice of reckoning. I knew there was still good in him and I knew I could bring it out of him; after my mother and my father were favoured amongst our race for their charitable acts of kindness. I endured the confidence and nobility of a thousand martyrs and spoke out to him, begging for forgiveness and begging him to help save this earth and rid it off its evil impurities; since The Grandmaster hates impure beings. The earth needed saving, and quick. Mankind had tarnished its life and we needed a God to help bring the earth out of contemptible plunder.

“And as you know, he did. He listened and saved your race, as well as me. I knew he couldn’t bear seeing an impure race – because that’s what our world was, until I was vanquished. I played the most powerful being to ever exist – for you – for us.” said Lay’Ora.

As her story was broadcasted live to the entire world – uplifting the nation entirely, as they all praised her in a beautiful way. Monuments were built in her name for her courageous acts of selfishness, flowers were grown for the bees to live happily amongst us humas, the water smiled back at the fishermen as the waters were free of deathtraps and toxins. The world was healing and as mother nature leapt back out into the light her radiance touched the faces of every human, plant, flower and object. The end of the world was near – but we united as one. Our world was good again… For now at least.