Slam Dunk 2019 | Plain White T's Interview

Slam Dunk 2019 | Interview with Plain White T’s

The Plain White T’s are finally coming back to the UK for this year’s Slam Dunk festival! We caught up with Drummer, De’Mar, to find out what the band is looking forward to most!

1. Are you looking forward to Slam Dunk?

Definitely looking forward to Slam Dunk. The lineup is crazy and we haven’t been over to the UK in years. Super excited to play and see the bands we all love.

2. Who else are you looking forward to seeing?

The list goes on and on for me. Let’s just say every band but I will definitely catch Saves The Day, Glassjaw, The Get Up Kids, Turnstile, The mezingers and NOFX. Definitely forgetting at least 10 other bands.

3. We’re so glad to see you back! What was it like bringing new music out after a bit of a break?

Thanks! It feels great to have to new music out! We had a great time making this album and we all love and believe in it and are excited we finally get the chance to come over there and share our Parallel Universe vision with you guys.

4. We can’t believe it’s been 13 years since Hey There Delilah!? What career highlights have you guys had since that track?

Yeah wow time flies! We had a couple Grammy nominations which was totally unexpected! Was also pretty cool to have the #1 song in so many countries. Wow.

5. What advice would have for someone looking to play big festivals?

Keep doing what you do and keep building your sound and brand. Just do the work and it will eventually pay off.

The Plain White T’s be playing the Marshal Stage this year so make sure you head down for some throwbacks and new music!