ACC students in with a chance to attend songwriting camps with Tileyard Education

This week, we’re bringing you some really exciting news about songwriting camps with our friends over at Tileyard Education. 

Tileyard Education is a London-based, postgraduate music centre offering bespoke MAs in Commercial Songwriting and Production, Commercial Production, Music Business, International Music Marketing and a Level 6 BA Top Up in Production. It’s also the education branch of the amazing Tileyard music community, home to 120 recording studios and 250 music businesses including Apple Music 1, Soundcloud, Spitfire Audio and Noel Gallagher.

They’re offering our students the chance to submit their own music or write a song to a brief to win one of 30 entries to two three day songwriting camps worth nearly £800 each. Over the three days, participants will work with a different team of producers and writers each day to produce four professionally mixed tracks written to a commercial brief. Collaboration and networking is at the heart of the camps, offering a rare opportunity to form working relationships with music creators from across the country and a wide mix of genres and backgrounds. 

All tracks written over the three day programme will be sent to the commercial clients who participants are following briefs from, as well as the network of Tileyard A&R executives. This is an amazing prize, sure to produce some great music and a one-of-a-kind learning experience for our student winners that could help them on their path to a successful career in music.

Building further on the opportunity, Tileyard Education has released two albums with Felt Music and a third with BMG that included single song deals for 70 songwriters and producers. It’s easy, then, to see the value of what’s on offer.

Of course, this unique offer is only available for ACC students. But luckily, we’re still taking applications for a September start on our music courses. If you want to be at the front of the queue to take advantage of opportunities, as well as everything else we have to offer in-house including our bespoke GoLive careers service, festival performance experiences and much much more, click this link to pick a course and apply now

You can also attend our next open day on Tuesday 5th July, and learn more about why you should study with us! You can book right here.