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Ed Sheeran started his journey honing his talent on our Artist Development course in London. Now he is supporting young creatives on their journey by acting as Patron of Access Creative College.

Find out more about his time at the college and his advice for young creatives in our exclusive interview.

“At the time of starting the course, I wasn’t the best singer, I wasn’t the best songwriter and I wasn’t even really the best guitarist. Not being good at those things and being around people who aren’t musical at school, you don’t really get encouragement [to improve].

What I think is great about Access Creative College is you’re around kids who want to do the same thing and adults who understand that you don’t have to be the best singer, songwriter or guitarist to start off, but there is something there to work with.

A lot of kids go in there kind of alright, not great, and come out really accomplished, because it’s a confidence thing – if you believe you’re going to be a good singer, you will eventually become a good singer. It’s about having students around you who are like-minded people and also adults that can be like ‘no, no, no, that’s good’ rather than ‘I don’t understand that.’

I’d say honestly if your kid is passionate about something, allow them to be passionate about it. Eight out of ten of my mates do not use their uni degrees at all – they got a job through something else.

As long as you’re passionate about some-thing and you work hard at it, that’s the key… What I’ve learnt is anything you want to do, if you put your mind to it and work hard enough, you’ll eventually get there.

A kid going to Access Creative College doesn’t necessarily mean they want to be in a band. It might mean they want to be a music manager, or work at a record label, or work in music TV, or do anything like that and that is a very achievable thing.

Parents might look at the place I have got to in my career and think that’s unachievable. One, it isn’t – you can get there; and two, there’s so many other things to do in the music industry – it’s all about having focus and passion.”


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Ed Sheeran performs at Access