success story Michael Hooper

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Michael Hooper is studying Games Design in Manchester and is currently making his own game.

His game is called Denouement. It is a dungeon crawler with a combat style. Rather than making your own character, the player chooses from a list or character, each having their own unique roles, play styles and personalities. The player is also able to level up, find equipment and upgrade their characters, to personalise them and build them in a way they most enjoy. The world itself is set inside a character’s minds, so it’s surreal and dreamlike.

He says Access has helped him with this because, ‘Alongside Maya, a 3D modelling program used by professionals throughout the field, we have been learning how to do market research, properly write and reference in reports, photoshop and general games design tips. I have also been introduced to various websites and forums where I can post my work and keep in contact with like minded people’.

He has also been given the opportunity to attend a panel concerning apprenticeships in animation where he networked with some big companies! Want to follow in his footsteps? Check out our Games courses!

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