Talking Slam Dunk with ROAM's Miles Gill

We don’t know about you, but we’re so over this cold weather and SO ready for festival season to begin!

We caught up with ROAM’s Miles Gill to talk all things Slam Dunk festival.

Slam Dunk is your first UK festival this year, have you got anything in particular lined up for it?
We started rehearsing again the other day for our upcoming shows and we were talking about some fun things we could do to switch it up a bit but you’ll have to wait and find out what they are! One thing that’s certain though is we’re gonna be playing a lot of the songs off the new record so we’re excited to give them their first outing at a big UK festival.

Obviously, Slam Dunk is THE go to pop-punk festival, anyone on the bill you’re excited to see / share the stage with?
I’m excited to see our good friends in Broadside! I haven’t seen them live since Warped Tour back in 2016 so it’ll be cool to see them play over here. Set Your Goals is gonna be great as well because they were a huge inspiration for our band and they don’t tend to play a great deal of shows so I’ll definitely be catching them. Also, Good Charlotte crush it live so I’m very much looking forward to seeing them again.

We know you have a bit of a ‘warm-up’ tour with Tonight Alive and The Gospel Youth before Slam Dunk, how did that come about?
Tonight Alive have recently signed to Hopeless Records so I feel it kinda makes sense for us to do a tour with them. We got to hang out with them a bit on Warped Tour and they’re all super nice people and we’re good friends with the guys in The Gospel Youth so it should be nice to not have that awkward first few days of tour where you’re still trying to get to know everyone.

Which city are you guys most excited to play?
I’m not sure I’ve even thought about this that much but Manchester should be a good time because we always end up seeing mates there and the crowd reaction is always positive.

Have you guys got any other festivals lined up this summer?
I can neither confirm nor deny at the moment I’m afraid! But I’m sure you’ll be seeing us at some kind of other festivals a bit later on in the year.

We have loads of musicians at Access Creative wanting to play festival stages, what advice do you have for them?
Seriously, it sounds cliche but just work hard, practice and be good at your instrument, be nice to people, don’t be afraid to talk to people, make sure people know you exist (but be chill about it, don’t be annoying), go out and play all those shows to no one when you’re first starting out (I know I joined the band late when they were already touring but I still did plenty of that in other bands growing up). Nothing happens overnight and you’ve got to learn to enjoy the process because all these little things and experiences help to shape you and are all part of the journey. It’s good to have ambition and direction and goals but don’t get so caught up in where you want to be in the future or what other people are doing that you forget to enjoy what’s happening right now.

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