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Application Deadline Extended! 

Our application deadline has been extended! Apply for your creative course today! 

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There are lots of exciting opportunities going on for ACC students with lots of artists and industry professionals providing insights that you can use to build up your knowledge and experience in many different fields.


Want an insight for what’s to come…

Launchpad is a Freshers welcome activity which takes place in the first week of term and is an introduction to the ACC student experience and to the activities of ACC Live. We are offering some insightful videos alongside a Mailchimp to all students covering key interventions and content and links on Moodle. It’s the perfect way to break the ice and get our students excited about starting their creative journey with us!

ACC Industry Week is an inspiring week with activities led by industry professionals. It provides a context to their course, providing skills for their future career, together with an understanding of the creative industry workplace. This year it will be taking place in November and we have already secured some exciting keynote speakers so watch this space!

ACC Experience projects are opportunities for students to focus on industry-related experiences which enhance and expand their skills and understanding. These will be live briefs which challenge and inspire students to work in new and innovative ways which take them beyond the usual modes of delivery. From remixing professional tracks to creating the album artwork, or working on a games jam, there is something for everyone!

There’s still time to apply!

We offer courses in Music, Games, Media & Events.

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