Top Tips for working at home

Struggling to get into a routine whilst working or studying from home? Check out our top 7 tips for working at home.

Create a plan

Write down a plan and what you would like to achieve on that day. This is a great way to keep your productivity up and see what you have achieved in the day.

  1. Create a work space 

Even though working or revising in your bed or on your sofa is tempting, create and separate a work space and a break space. By separating these two it will help productivity by also allowing you to have your personal space  at home, away from work you need to complete.

  1. Keep in touch 

Communication is key. Keeping in touch with work colleagues and friends that you would normally interact with daily, in the workplace or in college, helps keep the team bond together. So make sure you’re regularly messaging, calling or even facetiming. This helps you keep human communication as well as the progress on tasks you are both getting on with.

  1. Set your own tasks 

Are you more productive in the morning or afternoon? By knowing this, it can help you set tasks that are a priority at your peak time of the day and when you are more energetic and save the lighter and easier tasks for when your energy and productivity starts to go.  

  1. Have a start and end of the day

When would you usually be at work or college? Work in the hours that you would normally. This helps you get up out of bed and set deadlines with yourself and helps you get work done. It also allows you to have ‘me time’ and shut off at the end of the day. It’s easy to blur and continue to work past your normal hours.

  1. Get moving 

Setting breaks and taking them throughout the day, will let you get the breaks you need and time away from your screen. This can be going for a walk, take your dog or go by yourself, but fresh air is essential for your mind. You don’t always have to go outside for your breaks, take some time to meditate, or make a brew and let your mind have the break it needs.

  1. Put your phone down 

When working from home you are more likely to slip into your home habits. One of these is going on your mobile phone. Put your phone on, do not disturb to allow you to work productively free from distractions. Don’t forget to set breaks to allow yourself to go on your phone because isolating yourself won’t do any good.