United Against Racism

At ACC, we say and hear ‘Family’ a lot. We spend most of our time together, we unload on one another, we go through good times and bad. It means a lot to us, to be part of such a tight knit community who all have one common goal; to inspire students to use their creativity and push themselves to achieve their goals.

But what does it mean to be a family?

 It means accepting people without condition. It means offering support when someone is struggling. It means knowing someone.

When we look back over the events spawning from the death of George Floyd we can all agree that racism is far from over. You may not feel it but others do. You may not witness it but sometimes, we need to look again.

Our role as an educator means giving students the opportunity to learn, grow and teach them the importance of accepting each other. It also means them seeing people who look like them or feel like them in roles they are inspired by.

So as a family of 3500 students and staff from an incredibly diverse range of backgrounds, how can we grow our family to ensure we are supporting and promoting different groups? How can we listen to everyone to ensure there is a fair voice? How can we all play our part?

Over the next few weeks we will be using our social media to celebrate our staff and students, their cultures, likes and dislikes, backgrounds whilst we continue to work hard behind the scenes ensuring our processes are inclusive and voices heard.