Wellbeing Week – Taking Care of You

Taking care of yourself is an important part of life. Making simple changes to your life can help boost your mood and maintain your overall wellbeing. Check out these tips below to start your wellbeing journey today!

Talk about your feelings / Keep in touch 

Who do you trust most in your life? Reach out to people for a chat about anything you feel like. Want to discuss the weather? How you’re feeling? Whether you think a burger and fries are better than pizza and nachos? Talking keeps your mind busy and opening up allows you to relieve a weight that has been on your shoulders.

Stay active 

We all know we should probably do a bit more of this and in terms of self-care it increases endorphins and other feel-good chemicals whilst reducing the level of stress hormones. This isn’t us lecturing you about weight loss or muscle gain, sometimes people just need to get out and look at the world outside bedroom walls. This doesn’t mean go and grab a local gym membership and train everyday. But you can adopt some more active changes to just see if it makes you feel better.

Balanced diet

A balanced food intake that is good for you physical health is also beneficial to your mental health. Everyone needs one or two or six cups of coffee to get you through the day, but caffeine can have an adverse effect. We have all been highly caffeinated and highly on edge, still as exhausted as before. Switching out one cup of coffee with water can make a difference. Make sure that you’re eating at least 2 meals a day as well as drinking lots of water, it’s the year of hydration after all.

Time for you  

We are all constantly plastered to our phones. Whether it’s on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or WhatsApp. And now these big companies are taking responsibility for our habits and creating add-ons that encourage you to log out. So take a break from it and turn it off for a couple of hours, you won’t miss out on anything major. It’s healthy to switch off from the world every so often and it seems very in fashion at the minute!

Don’t be afraid to ask for help  

None is invincible, everyone gets tired or overwhelmed sometimes by life in general. But if things are getting on top of you you must reach out for help. Whether its a friend, family, a support group or a counsellor- there are people that are put in place professionally to help and if that is not the route for you, the people close to you are sometimes the best for help. If you don’t feel you can talk to anyone close and if you are unable to wait for a professional, Papyrus runs a free immediate counselling service for people contemplating suicide. You can reach them on: 01708 765200.

Do what you LOVE   

Whether you’re lost in the moment dancing your heart out, so invested in a book you lose yourself or so close to finishing that crossword you can’t put it down. These are the small things that you enjoy and can help beat stress. Doing something you love can help you forget your worries and problems for a while and can alter your mood for the day.