What is Esports Management: Exploring Esports Part 4

It’s the fourth and final week of our blog series, ‘Exploring Esports’. So far, we’ve covered the history of esports and competitive gaming, the current state of the industry and roles and esports job roles (catch up here if you haven’t already). This week, we’re digging deeper into ACC’s Esports Management course. Read on to find out what you’ll cover on the course, why we have an esports course in the first place and what we think it brings to the industry. 

We’ve always focused on innovation, being one of the first educators in the country to have a T-Level in Software Development, alongside a wide spread of courses within games, music, events, media and computing, but we felt like we needed to acknowledge the powerhouse that is the esports industry. That’s where this course comes in.

So what is Esports Management? Our Level 3 in Esports Management is one of the newest courses here at ACC, designed to give you the tools you need to truly take control of your career, as well as to highlight the vast options open to you once you leave us. You’ll be learning how to market yourself, how to launch your own business, how to manage and host tournaments, how to manage people generally, as well as shoutcasting and live streaming. 

The course is taught at our Birmingham, Bristol, London, Manchester and Norwich centres, and each one is led by experienced industry experts. They’ve spent time in the industry, got the knowledge and they’re now ready to pass it onto you. These two years are tailored to you, with our tutors focused on helping you to build your brand, learn the skills to dominate the sector and ensuring that no matter what role you want, you’ll leave us with the networks and knowledge to go and get it. 

While studying, you can get in some professional practice by joining one of our in-house esports teams that compete in tournaments nationally, with a number of team roles available for you to really dig into. Alongside that, you’ll have access to our games lab, fully equipped by Overclockers with the cutting edge in gaming technology, and you’ll even learn events skills like sound, lighting and other tech.

On top of all of that, you’ll get access to our incredible, bespoke GoLive careers service with extracurricular activities, face to face time with professionals, relevant external events to attend and careers advice, so you’re confident you know where you’re going. 

In short, we’ve got you covered. After you’ve finished studying, you can go onto any one of a number of university level subjects with all those transferable skills, or straight into industry. If you like what you see and want to experience first-hand what you could be doing in September, come down, meet the team and find out more about why we’re the best choice for you, you can also sign up for our open day on July 5th at 6 PM. 

Can’t make that? No problem, find out more about Esports Management and apply right here.