providing you with Learning Support

Giving you the right support

We aim to offer the very best advice and guidance for students with support needs who are making the move into further education.

Learning Support | Covid-19

Access Creative College will draw on additional funding to support any learners who have been disadvantaged due to the COVID-19 lockdown. We will support them in all aspects of their Study Programme, including English and Maths, in order to fill any gaps in their curriculum. Learners will be provided with a personalised learning experience to prepare them for advancement into employment, apprenticeship or higher education. We will develop appropriate resources to facilitate this offer and will implement any appropriate organisational structures to achieve this.

Learning Support


We support students with learning difficulties and differences, disabilities and medical conditions. The college supports young people who are in or leaving the care system, students who are carers, and students who are experiencing estrangement from their families. We also provide support relating to any issues that may be perceived as disadvantages or potential barriers to success.

Our Learner Support Managers (LSMs) along with their team of Additional Learning Support Tutors and Learner Support Assistants offer support for academic studies and they look after your health and wellbeing. Our Learner Support Teams aim to make you feel welcome, inspired and supported so that you can confidently achieve all your learning goals.

In the first instance, please contact our Admissions Team on 0800 28 18 42, or email


The Learning Support Team will provide guidance before you start and during your induction in order to:

  • identify skills;
  • assess ​support ​needs;
  • ensure that the college is the most appropriate place for your particular support needs, as well as your interests and chosen career path.

You will have opportunities to tell us about your support needs on your application form, when you talk to our Admissions Team to confirm your interview slot and at your interview. Please tell us as much as you can so that we can fully understand your needs.

If you can bring any supporting documents, such as an Educational Health Care Plan, with you to your interview, that would be really helpful. We may arrange a support review as a follow up to your interview and may also talk to your school about support you have received to date, and to your local authority about funding arrangements.

We​ ​will endeavour to provide appropriate support for you,​ with needs assessed on an individual basis.

​The type of support we can offer may include:

  • A learning support worker to provide in class 1 to 1 or group support
  • Support in your English and maths lessons
  • Further assessments for Exam Access Arrangements

We can create individual support packages ​for higher-needs learners in consultation with your Local Authority. This will be based on any existing documentation, such as an Educational Health Care Plan or statement.


If you haven’t achieved grade 4 or above in Maths and/or English (Language or Literature), then we will help you to improve your skills in these subjects. English and Maths sessions will be timetabled alongside classes for your main course.


Once you are on the course, you will have a series of one-to-one tutorials which will support your progress, feeding into an Individual Learning Plan (ILP).

Midway through you will have a key Progress Tutorial and at the end you will attend a Next Steps Meeting to discuss your progression.