ACC believes that the welfare of the individual is paramount and recognises its duty and responsibility to protect when there is a cause for concern. We are committed to the safe recruitment, selection and vetting of all staff.



All students and staff have the right to:

  • Live and work in a safe environment and be protected from harm
  • Experience emotional well-being
  • Feel valued and be supported by a network of professional relationships
  • Have a positive self-image
  • Have a secure sense of cultural, social and racial identity
  • Understand, recognise, model, support and promote a culture based on fundamental British values including democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and/or beliefs
  • Develop good interpersonal skills and confidence in social situations.


We believe:

  • That all students and staff without exception have the right to protection from abuse regardless of gender, ethnicity, disability, age, sexuality or beliefs and the right to challenge and protection from extremist behaviour, ideologies or those who promote them.
  • That all concerns, and allegations of abuse including attempts to radicalise them will be taken seriously and responded to appropriately.

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