Music Performance

Level 3

This course provides you with the skills needed to be successful in a music career including composition, improvisation and performance and industry understanding.

Entry Requirements

4 GCSEs at 4-9 (C-A*) including English


Two Years


RSL Level 3 Extended Diploma

Collaborate with fellow musicians to create electrifying performance groups. This sets the foundation for your journey towards mastering stage presence and musical excellence.

Throughout the year, you’ll showcase your skills through a range of performances. These performances, whether assessed or external, serve as milestones in your artistic evolution.

Our specialised staff will guide you through your set list and stagecraft, fine-tuning every aspect of your performance. You’ll learn to step into the spotlight with confidence!

Elevate your technical skills like remixing, composition, and arrangement. Convert your creative concepts into melodic masterpieces that resonate with your unique style and artistic vision.

Learn vital employability skills tailored for the creative industries.

Learn how to respond to creative briefs. These challenges will push your artistic boundaries. In doing this, you will hone your ability to compose and record music that complements visual narratives. From films to games, you’ll learn to infuse emotional cues, adding depth and resonance to the visual experience.

Showcase your talents at a professional level, refining your stage presence and musicianship.

Undertake sessioning, auditioning, improvisation, and performing to camera—each venture enhancing your confidence.

Harness business and organisational skills as you collaborate on a project, equipping you to navigate the dynamic landscape of the music industry.

Collaborate, learn, and grow alongside fellow musicians, shaping an unforgettable chapter of your musical journey.


A person working at DJ decks

A group of people participating in a panel discussion

Two males working at a music mixing desk

A female working at a computer with a MIDI keyboard

Two males performing on stage

A person playing bass guitar on stage

A male filming a band and audience from behind audience

A band sat on the floor playing music together

A crowd of people watch a band perform on stage


At least four GCSEs at grades 4-9, or C-A* including English


GoLive is a core part of your study programme, developing your wider skills for work and life. We help you to reach your potential and find your path to the next big step, be that a degree, further training or the world of work.


If you are 16-18 and don’t already have GCSE Grades 4 or above in mathematics and/or English Literature or Language, it will be compulsory for you to do a GCSE level maths and/or English course alongside your studies with us. Learn more here.


Move onto our Level 4 in Artist Development, a creative degree or into industry. Finishing both years of this course can generate up to 168 UCAS points, or the equivalent of three A* grades at A Level. Careers you can aim for include Professional Recording Artist and Performer, Session Musician, Songwriter, Sound Engineer and Music Mixer and Masterer.


A range of student-friendly offers are available in partnership with WEX. These vary by store so check in with your local branch to see what support they can provide you as an ACC learner.

Fees and Funding

Manchester 16–18*


Manchester 19+*

£0 – £4,670

All other campuses 16–18*


All other campuses 19+

£0 – £4,670


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