St James's Bldg, 65 Oxford St, Manchester, M1 6FQ

Games & Media
24 Hulme St, Manchester, M1 5BW

Oxford Street: 0161 552 6872 | Hulme Street: 0161 504 9013

Manchester is often called the creative capital of the North, which isn’t a surprise when you think of the nearly 10,000 creative businesses that have set up camp here. From MediaCity to successful musicians such as The Smiths, Oasis and Bugzy Malone, this is just part of the landscape in Manchester, making it the perfect home for young creatives.

Manchester is home to not one, but two ACC centres on Oxford Street and Hulme Street, 16 minutes walk from each other. Our Oxford Street centre hosts our music students and our Hulme Street centre is where you’ll find games and media and each one is dedicated to the disciplines they house.

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Take advantage of our performance space with Allen and Heath mixing desk and Chamsys lighting desk, as well as our professional grade recording studio with Audient mixing desk, Focusrite audio interfaces. We’ve also got fully loaded iMac Production suites with Logic Pro X as standard for you to get busy creating the beats, mixes and masters that will define a generation.
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Dig into a games lab equipped by Overclockers with Unreal Engine, 3ds Max and OBS, all that you’ll need to practice what you’re learning and gear up to develop the next big blockbuster game.
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Get to grips with the tools of the trade with our VR & Green Screen equipment, as well as our dedicated iMac Media Suites loaded with Adobe Creative Cloud as standard. Time to get started making that masterpiece in video or image!
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Mark Acton
ACC Manchester Centre Manager

I’m Mark. I have a long history in music, including writing, recording and performing. I’ve always loved all forms of creativity and learning about new things.

I became the Head of Centre in Manchester because I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to improve the working lives of our staff and the experience of our students. To do well in an education career, you have to really care about people and want them to succeed. Solving problems, engaging with and inspiring people are the things that motivate and energise me. We have fantastic, talented students and staff in Manchester. It is a privilege to do this job and work with so many incredible people.