Music Production

Level 3

This course provides you with a solid foundation in the latest music technology, and prepares you for your future in industry.

Entry Requirements

At least four GCSEs at grades 4-9, or C-A* including English


Two Years


RSL Level 3 Extended Diploma for Music Practitioners (Technology)

You’ll become skilled in using industry-standard software and learn advanced music sequencing techniques, laying the groundwork for your future projects.

Understand the technology shaping the music industry. Gain insight into the tools professionals rely on and get familiar with the theoretical knowledge of sound and music.

Delve into the world of audio effects and sound manipulation tools. Develop a broad understanding of various audio effects and their applications, complemented by in-depth exploration of sound design fundamentals, including synthesis and sampling.

Explore diverse styles and production techniques to develop your composition skills. Discover the art of rhythm, layering, and track creation using sequencer software, refining your ability to craft captivating sonic landscapes.

Gain robust knowledge of the structure of the music industry, including marketing methods, revenue streams and career building.

Build a comprehensive portfolio of your original music which will serve as a foundation, for an exciting career as a freelance musician.

Learn how to expertly apply your music composition and production skills to create soundscapes for various media formats.

Utilise music production tools to mix and master music, not only for your own creations but also for fellow musicians and artists. This invaluable skill set will set you apart in the industry.

Learn how to navigate the realm of freelancing. Delve into the business aspects, collaboration dynamics, and organisational skills crucial for sustaining a career as a freelance musician.

Hone your academic skills, including research techniques and critical thinking, to get you ready for university.

Immerse yourself in the wisdom of industry experts, with exclusive guest talks from renowned businesses like RAK Studios. Gain insights that go beyond the textbooks and delve into the secrets of success from those who’ve paved the way.

Transform your passion into skill with practical workshops led by practicing producers and DJs. Unleash your creativity in an environment where learning meets innovation, guided by professionals at the forefront of the music industry.

Picture this – a remix competition judged by none other than the iconic Hospital Records. Your chance to showcase your talent to the very arbiters of the music scene, and potentially catapult your career to new heights.

Walk in the footsteps of industry pioneers with studio visits to renowned spaces like dBs. Immerse yourself in cutting-edge facilities, expand your network, and get a firsthand look at the future of music production.


A group of people participating in a panel show

A band performing on stage

A female working at a computer with a MIDI keyboard

Two people working at a music mixing desk

An image of a music mixing desk and computer

A recording studio with musical equipment around the room including drums, conga drums and a pop filter

A male wearing over-ear headphones, working at DJ decks

A person working at a music mixing desk

students sat at computers producing music

A person adjusting a microphone next to a drum cymbal

A recording studio with equipment around the room including drums, conga drums and a pop filter


At least four GCSEs at grades 4-9, or C-A* including English


GoLive is a core part of your study programme, developing your wider skills for work and life. We help you to reach your potential and find your path to the next big step, be that a degree, further training or the world of work.


If you are 16-18 and don’t already have GCSE Grades 4 or above in mathematics and/or English Literature or Language, it will be compulsory for you to do a GCSE level maths and/or English course alongside your studies with us. Learn more here.


Move onto our Level 4 in Artist Development, a creative degree or into industry. Finishing both years of this course can generate up to 168 UCAS points, or the equivalent of three A* grades at A Level. Careers you can aim for include Music Producer, Music Mixer and Masterer, Sound Engineer, Musician.


A range of student-friendly offers are available in partnership with WEX. These vary by store so check in with your local branch to see what support they can provide you as an ACC learner.

Fees and Funding

Manchester 16–18*


Manchester 19+*

£0 – £4,670

All other campuses 16–18*


All other campuses 19+

£0 – £4,670


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