114 Magdalen St

Norwich has creativity at its heart with several classic music venues, numerous large music and gaming festivals, theatres, media production companies, the headquarters of BBC East, record labels and much, much more. The city is also part of the Cambridge/ Norwich Tech Corridor that generates £28.9 billion a year for the UK economy, and makes Norwich a great place to join the tech industry. 

The city itself is the largest in East Anglia and perfectly blends history with modern living, all centred around its very own 12th century castle.

ACC Norwich is on Magdalen Street at the edge of the busy city centre, on the same site as the renowned performance space and TV Studios, Epic Studios. Creatives gravitate to the area, so it’s an ideal place to refine your skills for the future while also getting in some networking. To help you get your foot in the door, we have partnerships with key local events like Latitude and Sundown Festival. If tech is more your speed, you’re surrounded by tech hubs that form the aforementioned Tech Corridor and a commutable distance away. 

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You’ll find dedicated iMac media suites loaded with everything you could need including Adobe Creative Cloud as standard. Time to get started making that masterpiece in video or image!
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Dig into a games lab equipped by Overclockers with Unreal Engine, 3ds Max and OBS, all that you’ll need to practice what you’re learning and gear up to develop the next big blockbuster game. 
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Get access to our high-spec computers filled with industry standard software such as VS Code, Wireshark, Git and professional hacking tools like TryHackMe. You’ll also have a student account for Amazon Web Services, Apple Developer Program, and access to IoT (Internet of Things) and VR/AR devices for testing and deployment.
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Get stuck into the on-site rehearsal and recording studios equipped with Audient desks, Focusrite interfaces and MagicQ lighting systems, as well as the 1000+ capacity performance venue in the incredible space we share with Epic Studios. We also have dedicated Music Production suites filled with iMacs for you to get busy creating the beats, mixes and masters that will define a generation.
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Dan Foden
ACC Norwich Centre Manager

I’m Dan. I have a background as a performer, songwriter, photographer and filmmaker, but I am excited and inspired by all aspects of the creative arts. What is particularly inspiring to me is seeing our students produce highly creative and often unconventional work. They have so many tools and opportunities available to them that I didn’t have, but being creative is always challenging. Just creating something takes energy and effort, but even the smallest idea is worth pursuing.

I love my job because I get to work with young people from all backgrounds and with all sorts of challenges. I love it when they are able to find their creative path, grow their confidence and have the passion to overcome the things that could get in their way. At the end of this, they produce amazing work and go on to do brilliant things. My job is full of challenges, but this makes it worthwhile.