ACC Alumni: Ed Sheeran

Back in 2007 Access Creative College London had a student study Artist Development. Although we know our students go on to impressive and big things, what we didn’t know back then, was that this student in particular would go on to become a global superstar and a household name in music.



That student was no other than Ed Sheeran. 

From sell-out global tours, to writing for incredible names in music, an appearance in Game of Thrones and of course, becoming ACC’s Patron; Ed Sheeran joined ACC London where he collaborated with fellow musicians, busked on his lunch breaks and made the most of the opportunities we had to offer in the capital.



ACC Alumni Ed Sheeran Interview



Ed was introduced to ACC by our very own Music Industry Liaison Manager, Ian Johnson.

‘I first saw Ed when he was 16 at a local gig I helped curate in Norwich. It was clear he had something special so I emailed a contact at a management company who put him on their roster.

Ed then decided to move to London and leave his school studies so I encouraged him to attend our Artist Development programme in London, where he won the Island Records emerging talent search that ACC participated in. Since then he’s inspired so many of our students and we know he will carry on that legacy’.



Back in 2018, Ed came back to ACC to deliver an outstanding Secret Speaker lecture to our national Artist Development students. 

The session gave ACC students the opportunity to ask Ed anything, learn tricks of the trade and after the two hour Q&A session, every campus was able to get a group photo with the man himself, along with a few signings, hugs and words of admiration and gratitude. 

It was clear to see that Ed Sheeran hasn’t forgotten his roots and genuinely wanted to share his expertise and advice with every single aspiring musician.

Jordan Phillips, former Manchester AD4 student was amongst the crowd of students and said: 

‘Absolutely the best highlight in my music career. You could tell that none of his answers were ‘textbook’ and he was just a nice genuine human being. He cared a lot about what he was saying and who he was saying it to. His passion just shines through’.



Ed Sheeran Secret Speaker Guest Lecture at ACC



Want to follow in the footsteps of Ed Sheeran? Check out ACC’s Artist Development course and get that application in for September!

Last updated on: 15th November 2023