Your Ultimate Guide to Level 2 Courses: What You Need to Know

Considering education options after school can be an exciting yet daunting process, especially when it comes to understanding the different levels of courses available. 

If you’re curious about Level 2 courses and what they entail, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Level 2 courses offered at Access Creative College (ACC) and answer some common questions to help you make informed decisions about your next journey.


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What is a Level 2 Course Equivalent To?

Level 2 courses are equivalent to GCSEs grades A*-C or 9-4. They are designed to provide foundational knowledge and practical skills in specific subject areas, preparing you for further study or apprenticeships.


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Are Level 2 Courses Free, and How Do I Get Funding?

Level 2 courses are free of charge for students aged 16-18. 

Students aged 19+ cannot study Level 2 courses at Access Creative College for free, unless they have an EHCP (Education, Health and Care Plan). Anyone without an EHCP would need to self-fund (pay course fees themselves) to study a Level 2 course with us. 

Level 2 courses may be offered to students aged 19+ for free at other providers with funding. 

Please contact other providers directly if you are aged over 19 and are interested in Level 2 course funding.


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How Long is a Level 2 Course?

Level 2 courses typically last one to two years, depending on the specific programme and study mode (full-time or part-time). At Access Creative College, our Level 2 courses are designed to provide comprehensive training and development in various creative disciplines, ensuring students gain essential skills and knowledge ready to level up!


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Are Level 2 Courses Worth It?

Absolutely! Level 2 courses offer valuable opportunities for personal and professional development, equipping students with foundational skills that can lead to further education, employment, or career advancement. Whether you’re passionate about music, games development, or visual content creation, Access Creative College’s Level 2 courses provide a solid platform for pursuing your creative career.


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Do Universities Accept Level 2 Courses?

While Level 2 qualifications are not typically accepted as direct entry requirements for university-level study, they can enhance your academic profile and demonstrate your commitment to learning. Many universities and higher education institutions recognise the value of Level 2 courses as part of a broader academic journey and may consider them alongside other qualifications during the admissions process.


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What Can I Do with Level 2?

Completing a Level 2 course opens up various pathways for further study, employment, and personal growth. Whether you choose to pursue a Level 3 course at Access Creative College, enter the workforce or explore alternative education and training options, such as an apprenticeship, your Level 2 qualification serves as a solid base for future success.


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Can You Do a Level 3 Course Without Doing Level 2?

In some cases, it may be possible to progress directly to a Level 3 course without completing a Level 2 qualification, depending on your prior education, skills, and experience. However, it’s essential to assess your readiness for Level 3 study and consult with Access Creative College’s admissions team to determine the best pathway for your academic and career goals.

Level 2 courses offer a fantastic opportunity to kickstart your creative journey, providing essential skills, knowledge, and qualifications to support your future aspirations.

Whether you’re eager to pursue further education or enter the workplace, ACC’s Level 2 courses pave the way for success in the ever-evolving creative industries. Get your application in today ready to join us in September!

Last updated on: 29th May 2024