Music Production

Level 3

Learn how to record in professional studios, get the most out of DAWs and even understand how to design your sounds to develop your music to a whole new level.

Entry Requirements

No formal entry requirements


One Year – Full Time


Level 3 Access to HE Diploma

Are you looking for a change or got a creative talent that you always wished you’d been able to turn into your job?

Maybe you feel like a qualification in the area you work would give a little boost to your knowledge and increase the scope and quality of work you’re getting.

Or, you’ve had a break from working and fancy finally using that talent you have.

If you’re 19 or older and want to do a degree but don’t quite have what you need, Access to HE is for you.

Good to know: If you complete a degree after Access to HE, your Access to HE loan is written off!

Led by experienced industry professionals, Our Access to HE Music Production programme leverages cutting-edge professional hardware, software, and facilities to offer you a top-tier experience ready for that career change or degree.

Begin by mastering Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) sequencing techniques.

Delve into the art of composition and music theory, refining your ability to craft incredible music pieces.

Learn industry-standard studio recording techniques.

Nurture your academic study skills, essential for a seamless transition to higher education.


A person working at a music mixing desk

A recording studio with equipment around the room including drums, conga drums and a pop filter

A female working at a computer and MIDI keyboard

A male working at a music mixing desk

A group of people working at computers with MIDI keyboards

A person adjusting a microphone next to a drum cymbal

Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements for these courses. Applicants will undergo diagnostic testing as part of the admissions process to assess that this is the most appropriate level of study for them.

Careers and Progression

Explore a range of progression routes including Music Production, Sound Engineering, Sound for Film & Television, Sound Design, Sound & Music for Games or Music Composition.

Continue onto a course at dBs (Bristol, Manchester, Plymouth only) or Confetti (London only), our degree level partners and get a guaranteed interview after your ACC Access to HE course. 

Careers you can aim for include Music Producer, Music Mixer and Masterer, Sound Engineer, Musician.

Fees and Funding

Manchester 16-18*


Manchester 19+*

£0 – £4,835

All other campuses 16-18*


All other campuses 19+

£0 – £4,835


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