Helping you succeed

We want you to be successful in your studies, so it’s really important that we find the right level of course for you. Each level of course has recommended entry requirements, and we’ll use these to help us make decisions in each interview.

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This is a basic explanation of the levels of our further education courses, based on their equivalence to GCSEs and A levels.

  • Level 1 = low GCSE equivalent (grades 3-1).
  • Level 2 = GCSE equivalent (grades 9-4)
  • Level 3 = A Level equivalent
  • Level 4 = first year of a degree

We value your creative passion and skills above all else. However, it is important that we place you on the right level of course for your current skill set. For entry this approximately equates to:

  • LEVEL 1: there are no formal entry requirements, but you will enjoy things like taking photos, making music and designing online. This course will help you develop your skills and focus your creative interests.
  • LEVEL 2:A minimum of four GCSEs at grades 3-1 (D-F). To give applicants the best chance of success on the course, ideally, we would like to see as many grade 3s as possible within those four minimum GCSEs.
  • LEVEL 3: a minimum of four GCSEs at grades 9-4 (A*-C), including English (Language or Literature). Other grades will be considered on a case by case basis.
  • LEVEL 4: you will need to show that you have worked successfully at Level 3 and are able to undertake creative development work at this level.


If you are still at school and are able to bring a school reference with you that would be really useful, but it’s not essential. What we do need to see is print out of your predicted grades, if you have them.


A conditional offer will be made if you have not met all the entry requirements at the point you come in for your interview. You may also receive a conditional offer if we need to review your support needs, or if you have made a disclosure regarding an unspent criminal conviction.

When  you enrol with the college we will ask you to bring your exam results with you, and we will review your the conditions of your offer.