ACC Alumni: Arkz Beats

Arkz Beats went from our Artist Development programme at Access Creative College Norwich to producing chart-toppers for Fredo and collaborating with British Hip-Hop icons like Giggs and R.A, Arkz Beats (aka Daniel Buse), transforming his passion into a thriving career. 

Arkz Beats didn’t just stumble into music; he decided he was going to get involved. Influenced by his dad’s eclectic music taste and hits like Rae Sremmurd’s “Black Beatles”, Arkz Beats found his rhythm early.

But ACC Norwich wasn’t just about beats for Arkz. Networking became a vital skill, embracing diversity and connecting with like-minded individuals to build strong working relationships. ACC taught him that individuality is an asset and understanding others is key.

For Arkz Beats, passion isn’t a fleeting feeling, it’s a relentless pursuit. Setting goals, creating routines and embracing structure turned his hobby into a professional career. His secret? Manifesting goals, staying focused and believing that the race is never lost if you never quit.

“Ask yourself why you want to be a producer. If it’s for riches and fame, think again. Passion and enjoyment should be the driving forces. Obstacles will come, but pursuing your goals will carry you through.” – Arkz Beats

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Last updated on: 22nd November 2023