Don’t Try Music Partnership

Empowering Emerging Artists with an Artist Development Course


Access Creative College (ACC) and Don’t Try Music are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership. Don’t Try Music, are a London based, boutique digital marketing and management agency, specialising in the music industry. 

The partnership has come at an incredible time as ACC re-launch their prestigious Artist Development Programme which has previously seen artists such as Ed Sheeran, Nilüfer Yanya and Beth McCarthy complete the scheme.

This exciting collaboration is set to revolutionise the music education landscape and provide emerging artists with unparalleled opportunities for growth and success.





Empowering the Future of Music

Access Creative College has been a leader in creative education for 30 years, constantly evolving their offer and curriculums, and forging innovative partnerships to spearhead emerging industry trends. One of the unique qualifications offered is their Level 4 Artist Development programme, designed to help artists deconstruct and rebuild their brand. Partnering with a London based, boutique digital marketing and management agency, specialising in the music industry allows students to directly benefit from their industry expertise. This partnership will offer students a unique chance to dive deep into the digital intricacies when it comes to marketing themselves online and develop a holistic understanding of what it takes to thrive as an artist in the modern music landscape.


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Key Benefits of the Partnership

This dynamic collaboration promises an array of exciting benefits and opportunities for ACC Artist Development students:



Industry-Leading Guidance: Don’t Try will serve as the industry partner on the Artist Development course, providing invaluable insights and guidance to students across the three ACC campuses delivering the program.



Real-World Experience: Students will have the opportunity to receive direct feedback on their work and engage with real-world industry material curated by Don’t Try throughout the academic year.



Professional Assessment: Completed student work and portfolios will be assessed by ACC tutors and shared with Don’t Try for review at agreed points during the year. This invaluable feedback loop ensures that students are on the right track to success.



Guest Speaker Series: Don’t Try will host guest speaker sessions during the academic year, offering students direct access to industry professionals and insiders.


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Unlock Your Creative Potential

This partnership is poised to empower emerging artists like never before. By combining ACC’s long-standing dedication to accessible creative education with Don’t Try Music’s industry prowess, students on the Artist Development Course will have the knowledge, skills and network they need to thrive in the notoriously competitive music industry.


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Join Us on a Remarkable Journey

Are you ready to take your music career to the next level? 

Perfect your artistry, build your personal brand and gain real, industry insights when it comes to your digital marketing and presence.

Find out more about ACC’s Artist Development course, available in Birmingham, Bristol, London, Manchester and Norwich, here.

Last updated on: 13th November 2023