Access Creative College, in partnership with National College for the Creative Industries (NCCI), offers exciting apprenticeships in creative subjects.


An apprenticeship is a fantastic way to learn whilst you earn and employers are always looking for enthusiastic apprentices to join their workforce and develop their skills on the job. It is a great alternative to a full time college course or university, if you would like to study at a higher level.

As an apprentice, you are employed directly by an employer whilst you train in your job role. Your employer will allocate a minimum of 6 hours per week for ‘Off the Job’ training and the rest of your time is spent as a normal employee doing all the things you love! Your training can take many forms, from virtual tutorials to workplace meetings.

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I’m Maya, a 17 year old, 2nd generation British Bangladeshi Muslim. I was interested in apprenticeships because they help prepare young people for the realities of the working world whilst also having an educational aspect to them.

When I saw the opportunity as a young person to work in a museum, in a role catered to representation, young people and South Asian heritage, it felt like a perfect fit.

“The chance to be involved in changing how South Asian stories, culture, heritage and history are shown is part of why I was interested in the Cultural Learning and Participation apprenticeship.”

I want to help improve these spaces by making them more inclusive and representative. I’m really excited about my apprenticeship and being able to come up with ideas for different events and projects.