ACC x Condense

An exciting new metaverse scholarship and programme of study to Bristol

Find out more about our exciting new metaverse scholarship for 8 Bristol creatives, in partnership with Condense and LocalGlobe.

Condense Scholarship now closed for new applications

The modern world of technology is rich and complex, filled with a variety of career paths, roles and areas of specialism. Innovations are coming thick and fast in AI, AR, VR and now, the metaverse. As we enter the new frontier that is the metaverse, a digital VR based world that is expected to form a huge part of the near-future and change how we work, socialise and generally live, a whole host of career opportunities are springing up.

Sadly, however, the tech industry isn’t as diverse as it should be. Only one in ten A-Level computer studies students is female, according to Tech Talent Charter (2020), and in a sample of the UK’s top 16 technology companies’ ..152 board positions, only four were held by someone from an ethnic minority background. Of the 39 positions held by a woman, only one of these was from an ethnic minority background. Colorintech (2019).

There is a need for change within the industry, and that’s where ACC, Condense and LocalGlobe come in. This week, we’re excited to announce a 12 week intensive programme for 8 young creatives in Bristol, focusing on the advancements of live streaming events in the metaverse and aimed at bringing further diversity to the tech workforce.





“You should apply for this scholarship because while everyone has a story to tell, not everyone has the same opportunities in life. This is an incredible opportunity to carve out a career in engineering and metaverse content creation. It’s a 12 week fully-funded intensive course, so you will meet other people with similar interests and ambitions, and it could even lead to a permanent job with Condense.” James Tong, Head of People at Condense.

Read James’ full story here.


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Events in digital worlds have existed for a little while now, with examples including Ariana Grande in FortniteLil Nas X in Roblox and Korn in Adventure Quest 3D. The difference being that the performances are part of the game and not live streamed in.

Condense is on a mission to go deeper and bring the world’s live events to the metaverse. Their technology enables musicians to live stream events in real time as 3D video (also known as volumetric video). The content is streamed into Unity and Unreal game engines, delivering completely new engaging experiences to people playing in online and consolegames, AR and VR. With Condense, the metaverse is about to get real.





This 12 week programme will cover

  • Digital Graphics – 3D modelling, photogrammetry and textures
  • Realtime VFX – Plugin integration, in game/ venue scaling and enhancing virtual worlds

Enriching virtual worlds – Interactions, spacial sound, player movement and networking basics


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Participants will receive

  • College accreditation and a certificate
  • Hands-on experience with some of the latest technologies and techniques
  • Real world industry skills to support the next step in your career
  • Exposure to local employers
  • A potential career with Condense
  • £1500 bursary paid in three instalments of £500 depending on learner performance


Regardless of your background, the tech industry is open to you and these 12 weeks are your opportunity to claim your space and make a start towards your new career.

“Please apply regardless of your academic background or qualifications and don’t be discouraged if you don’t feel you fit all the criteria! It will be a great learning opportunity as you’ll get to work on some state of the art tech and, above all, it’ll be fun! The Condense team is really welcoming and everyone is there to help and make your time here as beneficial and exciting as possible. There is space for everyone who is passionate and interested in developing their technical skills.” Diana, Junior Software Engineer at Condense. Read her full story here.

Last updated on: 15th November 2023