ACC’s 5 jobs in the film industry

As technology is becoming more advanced, new jobs are being created every day! But did you know studying film can lead to numerous creative and exciting job opportunities within different industries? Just check out our top five picks below!



Production assistant

A product assistant is the foundational support of any film or TV production. You will be counted on by the crew, which will give you the chance to not only prove yourself but take on new and exciting tasks and challenges but also work your way up the ranks. You will have the responsibility to help prepare the set with lights, props and equipment as well as assisting costume designers, directors, camera people and other crew members. You will have to lock down sets, print and distribute scripts and call sheets, plus much more. So if you are a motivated and multitasker than this job may be the one for you.



Film/Video Editor

A film and or video editor works post-production on the raw footage to compose and edit the takes into a story that will move and inspire the watcher. They will often work closely with the director, this is to ensure that the edit is in line with the director’s vision. It’s not a simple task because aspects of film, such as comedic timing and suspense, are what often makes a good, seamless edit and these will be down to you to add and edit together. This may involve changing the order of scenes or removing some completely. If you enjoy creating storylines and telling stories or behind the scenes, the position of film/video editor might be an exciting role for you.




If you like to get hands-on and in on all the action then a videographer is the perfect role for you. You will be responsible for using camera, staging the lighting, and controlling the audio equipment and capturing the footage. Your role may also require you to direct people to make sure that you capture specific action, scenes, dialogue and events you or the director want to be featured in the footage. This may not be as easy as you think, as you as the videographer will also need to make sure the lighting and audio are perfect and the camera is steady. So for anyone with an eye for detail and a creative spirit, the role of videographer might suit you down to the ground.




The role of a runner is an exciting one, and also a foundational supporting role. The whole crew will be relying on you and as a runner, your work will involve setting up locations for a shoot, hiring props and transporting equipment, among other tasks. Every day is different and therefore runners have to be enthusiastic and motivated as it’s a runner’s job to carry out administrative tasks and aid the smooth running of film production. Being a runner is a starting point to get into the industry as you may be in the position for a year or longer before progressing onto researcher roles. Therefore, if you want a starting point or you don’t yet know what you want to do in the creative industry, the role of a runner is a great way to do a bit of everything and learn from everyone before moving into your chosen role.



Programme Researcher

As a programme researcher on Film and video, you’ll provide support to the producers, directors and writers by carrying out factual research to make sure that what’s being shown in the film is correct. You will have to use many sources such as the internet, film archives and museum collections to carry out the research, and you will also be responsible for gaining copyright clearance for the use of music and literary material in the production. For anyone with an eye for detail, or a love of history or loves watching films and videos, the role of Programme Researcher is a great way to do what you love and get paid to do it.


If you have an interest or passion for Film then our Film, Video and Photography course is a great place to start.

Last updated on: 20th November 2023