Careers in Games

The UK is the world’s 6th largest games market and has global successes such as Grand Theft Auto, Batman: Arkham, and many more.

Careers in Games

The games industry employs over 25,000 people, generating over £1.4 billion for the UK economy. Looking into careers in games? You want to keep reading!

Games Producer

Want to be an owner of a full games project? Well, as a video Game Producer, you will be a significant and important part of the project. You will have the responsibility to recruit a team, these will include engineers, designers and artists and manage the team from start to end. You will have the responsibility for ensuring that the project gets done.

Games Designer

A games designer is the heart of creativity. You will have the chance to bring fresh and new ideas into your project as well as create prototypes and interactive narration. You will also be responsible for planning and the element details such as the setting, rules, story floes, propes, vehicles, character interface and modes of play. If you want to work as part of a team and love designing games then this role is the one for you.

Games Artist

Creativity is key when being a games artist because you will have the job of creating artwork that is compelling, as well as maintaining the quality and execution of existing products and working in partnership with marketing for your designs to be used. The main part of games art is designing and illustrating games and turning a projects concepts into a final design. Of course all jobs require a certain amount of experience or qualification but with the right skills set and passion for the job a games artists can be the start to your career.

Games Animator

If you want to be an animator… here’s what you will get up to. As an animator you will produce frames that will be sequenced into a movement or illusion. This can be made with hand drawn or digital pictures or other media. Animation production consists of multiple stages these can be generating the ideas, building models and being hands on with the rigging lighting. The software that is likely used is CGI (Computer-generated imagery) so being knowledgeable of this will come in handy. You will bring clients concepts to life and create storyboards that will represent the narrative. If you love being creative you will love building up accurate, detailed frame by frame visuals that will play a significant part in the animation.

Games Developer

There are many different roles that makes up a Games Developers day. The main role as a Video game software developer is to turn the idea into code, finally leading to the games operating functions. You will be responsible to create the core features as well as creating story lines and character biographies, designing role-play mechanics, design reviews and much more. So if you like the nitty gritty specifics then this role is perfect for you.


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