Festival Fashion

Festival season is in full swing! I’m sure you’ve all seen your favourite celebs posting Coachella Day 1 fit pics… maybe they even performed on stage. Here in the UK we have a brilliant festival culture: Glastonbury, Parklife, Leeds / Reading, Neighbourhood Weekender. And with festival season comes outrageous fashion and outfits. If you’re in a bit of a style rut or not sure where to start, take a look at some of our top tips right here!


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Protect yourself!

The number one most important thing for a festival (particularly in summer) is sun protection. As much as you don’t want to hear it, wearing SPF is vital. Not only will it protect your skin from being damaged, it will also help prevent you from burning. Bad tan lines are without a doubt the worst accessory to festival outfits, so don’t let yours be ruined by being lazy – just wear some bloody suncream!

Sunglasses are a staple, and with so many different types of frames, colours and materials you can really go all out. Whilst I do love a pair of sunglasses I find them to be more irritating than useful. Having to take them off to actually read the festival map and trying to make sure you don’t scratch the lenses gets really annoying. Instead, maybe opt for a cap or some sort of hat. Baseball caps in particular have the added benefit of hiding all that forehead sweat that tends to accrue on a humid festival day. 


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Save yourself a headache!

Footwear is a huge (and often overlooked) component of festival fashion. You need to think about footwear practically. Are you willing to dirty these shoes up to the point of no return? If not, pick another pair to sacrifice. If you are a hardcore raver, trainers are probably your safest option, as a heel in a mosh pit is almost definitely going to lead to some broken toes. If you’re more relaxed at a festival, don’t be afraid to push the boat out a bit with a platform boot or a sandal.





Another practical element to consider is the weather. Whilst most of the advice thus far has been geared towards sun protection, there is always the possibility of rain and storms, bogs of mud etc. Make sure you check the forecast frequently before you attend, as weather can change very quickly and leave you woefully unprepared. Ponchos and wellies are your best friends, you might even be able to pull them off in a Kate Moss rustic chic way.

Materials. When shopping we often forget to consider materials beyond scratchiness or how see through they are, but they can make or break a festival day. Linen, cotton and silk are going to have some good airflow and feel quite comfortable even in the heat. Denim, polyester, mesh and latex are all going to cause issues on a typical festival day – as well as limiting your dance move options. These materials are going to look fantastic but it ultimately comes down to the age old question – Will you choose style over comfort?


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Express yourself!

In the modern age of hyper-curated aesthetics: Blokecore, Coquette, Downtown Girl… the list goes on… One thing for sure is that CAMP is in. Don’t be afraid to go wild with the glitter and sequins. Wear that tacky hat! Flower crowns, fringe and all things 70s are a go. The crazier and bolder the fit the more memorable it will be, leaving you with some killer photos. Despite this, don’t feel pressure to dress up or spend a fortune on a whole new wardrobe. Wearing what you feel best and most comfortable in is going to give you the best festival experience overall. 

As much as festival fashion is an intrinsic part of the culture and experience, there are so many more elements at play. We offer courses relating to music and media which are vital aspects of the festival industry. If that sounds good, come and see us in July to find out more about we can offer you at Access Creative College.

Last updated on: 4th January 2024