Five jobs in Photography

As technology is becoming more advanced, new jobs are being created every day! But did you know studying photography can lead to numerous creative and exciting job opportunities within different industries? Just check out our top five photography jobs below.


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Freelancer Photographer

Want to be your own boss? Well as a freelance photographer you can be. This means you can say bye to working in an office and hello to the opportunities freelance work gets you. There are chances for freelance photography careers in just about any industry, from news photography to event photography to fashion photography. The constant variety of assignments and jobs means that you won’t be bored and are able to explore the industry but with your own freedom.


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Portrait Photographer

If you see the value in capturing the moment then portrait photography is the way to go. From weddings to school photos, portrait photographers are on site with their equipment to capture the surroundings and energy within a moment. They may operate out of their own studios as well as working on location. If they are self-employed or own their own business, they have other job responsibilities such as billing clients, making appointments, processing images and framing photos.


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As a photojournalist you’ll be knee deep in all current news and culture with your images making an emotional impact giving a strong image for the story your company will me telling. With the job varying from covering local sports events to international stories, you will never be stuck in one place, a lot of passion and perseverance is needed to break into the industry. A good tip to get into the industry is to do a placement at a newspaper or magazine company and put your networking hat on whilst maintaining and keeping your portfolio current and relevant to the up and coming trends.


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Photo Editor

Photo editors oversee the photography that appears in a magazine, primarily working as a point person for communicating with and hiring photographers. Photo editors also work for newspapers and other publications which feature photography. But the job of a photo editor is more important than meets the eye. A photo editor’s real job is to create a full, rich experience for the reader or customer, to allow the customers experience to be better through visuals.


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Forensic Photographer

If you’re a puzzle solver, pay attention to the details and want your photos to have a purpose then a forensic photographer may be the path for you. Of course you will need more than photography skills to have this career but at least three years of photography experience is required and background in the industry but your work will be used in court cases as evidence, get to work alongside detectives and get involved with the finer details with digital imaging to clarify finger prints.

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Last updated on: 20th November 2023