I’m Making It: Lebo

Meet Lebo


What does he do?

Lebo is a singer/songwriter and ex ACC Bristol student. Originally from Botswana, Lebo makes thoughtful soul-filled R&B which in his words ‘sheds a light on darkness’.


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Where can you find out more?

To find out more, head to his Instagram


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Want to make it in Bristol?

Want to make it in Bristol, just like Lebo?

Making it is typically seen as gaining fame and fortune, this puts an impossible standard upon young creatives, potentially discouraging them from pursuing what they love out of fear of failure.

We are challenging this.

We want to redefine what success means in the creative industries, switching up the narrative and telling the stories of those who are ‘making it’. We will be focussing on past and present ACC creatives who are are thriving in the creative hive we like to call Bristol.

Get involved and tell us how you are making it with #IMMAKINGITINBRISTOL

Last updated on: 20th November 2023