Where can I study an esports course in the UK?

Where can I study an esports course?

Esports is one of the fastest growing sectors globally, so it’s no surprise that esports courses are emerging as a great route into this increasingly lucrative industry. 

Access Creative deliver an esports management course, giving school leavers the chance to learn about the industry and develop skills that help lead to careers such as a player, coach, shoutcaster or events organiser. 

Esports is a serious, professional industry with high-stakes competitions, set within some of the world’s biggest game franchises. From Counter-Strike to Call of Duty, Valorant to Rocket League, there’s huge prize money on offer and many fantastic career opportunities.


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Learn esports from the best

Our esports course is endorsed by the British Esports Association and offers further progression into Higher Education or the industry.



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What can I learn on an esports college course?

This comprehensive course covers a range of relevant subject areas such as sport, marketing, enterprise, IT and creative thinking. During the 2-year course you will study modules such as coaching and events management, business & enterprise, skills & tactics and performance analysis along with shoutcasting and health & wellbeing.

The first year offers an introduction to the business of esports, exploring different commercial aspects of the industry. This will include esports strategies and statistics, marketing, promotion and branding, producing content and also the strategic areas within game design. 

The second year will build on that knowledge further, expanding on branding content, understanding computer networks, streaming and more. There will also be a more practical aspect to the esports course as you’ll get the chance to practise broadcasting and shoutcasting commentary with live games. 

The academic year runs for 38 weeks, with a typical week consisting of 14 and a half hours. As part of your course you will have free access to an enrichment programme outside of timetable. This offers access to creative projects, guest lectures, events, and an online learning programme to aid your studies outside college hours.


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What careers are there in esports?

There are a range of careers available to suit those interested in this growing sector.

Typical career paths:





Esports Coach

This role involves working with individuals or teams to enhance their gameplay strategies. You’d provide feedback, analyse VOD and help to boost their overall performances.


Esports Manager

You’d run the day-to-day operations for a player or esports team. It could involve handling team logistics, coordinating schedules, managing player contracts, and developing partnerships with sponsors and stakeholders.


Esports Analyst or Commentator

This would involve shoutcasting during live events, analysing gameplay strategies and providing expert insights to viewers.


Esports Event Organiser

This involves planning and executing tournaments, coordinating with teams, securing venues, managing logistics, and ensuring a smooth event experience for participants and spectators.


Esports Marketing

Develop cross-platform promotional strategies to promote Esports teams or individual products or services.


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Esports is a booming industry

The esports industry was valued at $1.1 billion in 2020 and, according to a report by SuperData Research, the global gaming market was valued at $159.3 billion in 2020.

This is more than double the movie and music industry combined. In 2020 the music industry was valued at $19.1 billion in 2020 and the movie industry was valued at $41.7 billion. 

Audience numbers for esports streaming platforms have increased rapidly over recent years. Platforms such as Twitch and YouTube have made esports competitions more accessible than ever before, making it easier for people to participate and boosting the profile of esports.


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How can I sign up for an esports course?

It’s easy enough. You simply visit our esports college course page and register your interest to start the process of submission and enrollment.

Applicants should possess four GCSEs at grade 4 (A*-C) or above including maths and/or english. Plus a basic knowledge about Esports and different game genres will give you an advantage when applying. 

Our course start dates are from early September and run for two years. We provide our esports courses from any of our Access Creative centres, either Norwich, London, Birmingham, Bristol or Manchester and Plymouth.

Interested in a career in esports? Check out our esports management course at Access Creative College today.

Last updated on: 16th May 2024