Can I study a BTEC in esports?

Here we delve into the world of BTEC esports qualifications, describing what’s on the Access Creative College course, how to get onto it, and what it can lead to.

As you prepare to leave school and further your studies, you might consider a level 3 BTEC in esports. This is a great choice for anyone with a passion for gaming and the esports industry. The BTEC esports Access Creative College course is designed to equip you with the skills, knowledge, work experience, and contacts you need to succeed in the esports industry. 


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Esports college students

What is a BTEC for esports?

The BTEC esports course at Access Creative College is aimed at young people with an interest in the gaming industry. This is applicable whether you’re interested in esports game design, marketing, broadcasting, or management. 

The qualification is a level 3 extended diploma that provides students with the skills and knowledge needed to enter the esports industry or progress to higher education. The course covers all aspects of esports from game design to marketing, management, and production, giving learners a broad knowledge of the industry.


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What are the entry requirements for the BTEC esports Access Creative College Course?

The entry requirements for BTEC esports courses in the UK will vary slightly, depending on the college or institution offering the course. Generally speaking, BTEC qualifications are very accessible but you usually need to have at least four GCSEs, including English and maths, with at least a grade C/4 in each. 

At Access Creative College, however, to get onto our course you need at least 4 GCSEs at 4-9 (including English). Also, it always helps to be passionate about esports, with good communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills.


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What can a BTEC esports course lead to?

Studying a BTEC esports course provides you with a range of career opportunities in the esports industry. It could be a stepping stone towards a career in game design, software engineering, marketing, event management, broadcasting, or even professional gaming. 

Completing this course could also open doors to higher education in esports, such as degree courses in esports management, game design, esports broadcasting, and many others.


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What is a BTEC level 3 extended diploma?

BTEC stands for Business and Technology Education Council. It’s an educational qualification that provides vocational education and technical skills needed for specific industries. BTEC qualifications often take a practical approach, focusing on hands-on training, real-life scenarios, and work experience. They are equivalent to A-levels and accepted by universities, employers, and professional bodies.

BTEC qualifications, known for their practical approach to learning, are like a breath of fresh air in the sea of traditional academic routes. They stand out with their unique blend of theory and practice, igniting your passion and empowering you to dive headfirst into the real-world scenarios of your chosen field.


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The magic of ‘learning by doing’

One of the standout features of a BTEC qualification is its emphasis on ‘learning by doing.’ This means you’ll spend less time memorising facts for exams and more time getting your hands dirty in the real-world applications of your subject. This practical approach not only makes learning more engaging but also prepares you for the challenges you’ll face in your career.

They come in different levels, from Level 1 (entry-level skills) to Level 5 (equivalent to a Foundation Degree). This means you can start at a level that suits your current skills and qualifications, and work your way up as you grow and develop. Access Creative College mostly offer levels 2-4.

Once you’ve achieved a BTEC, the world is your oyster. You could choose to dive straight into the workforce, armed with practical skills that employers love. Or, you could continue your academic journey in university. 

A BTEC qualification is more than just a certificate, however, it’s a testament to your determination, your practical skills, and your readiness to take on the real world. It’s about embracing learning in a way that resonates with you, fuels your passion, and sets you on the path to a successful future.


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Why wait? Apply now!

Studying a BTEC in esports is a viable option for any school leaver with a passion for the esports industry. The BTEC esports Access Creative College course equips learners with the necessary skills, knowledge, work experience, and contacts to succeed in the industry. 

It is the perfect stepping stone into the world of esports, opening doors to a range of career opportunities and higher education. In this dynamic industry, studying a BTEC in esports can position you at the forefront of this ever-growing industry.

Last updated on: 19th December 2023