Game Development Course Alumni: Toby Spooner

Toby is an alumni from our Games Development course who went on to win the ‘Best Esports Event’ award alongside his peers, in the National Access Creative College 2023 award showcase. 

Every year we host the Access Creative College Showcase Awards to celebrate and praise the incredible work our students produce. Across all of our campuses we award titles from best song, to best design, to esports student of the year to best software, and so much more! For our 2023 ceremony, Toby and his team took home the national award for Best Esports Event.

Toby won this award whilst studying on our Games Development Level 2 Course. This course is the perfect introduction to the skills and techniques needed to design assets for computer games. Whilst studying this course you learn how to create 2D games, pixel art, game audio, levels and animations. It’s the perfect stepping stone to level 3!

Let’s hear what Toby thinks of the course.


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Hi Toby, thanks for speaking with us! Tell us, why did you decide to study Games Development? 

When I first applied to Access I originally applied to Games Technology and Cybersecurity, but unfortunately I didn’t meet the entry requirements following my GCSE results. 

I was soon contacted by the college who instead offered to enrol me onto the Game Development course.


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What did you enjoy about your time studying with us?

Honestly everything! From the teachers to what we learnt in the course, it all intrigued me and I believe that is what made me work hard and do so well. I thoroughly enjoyed every little thing about it. What’s taught on the course is super relevant and was always delivered in a fun and creative way. 

The college understands the students really well and is able to deliver activities and clubs tailored towards the student’s interests, such as esports tournaments and music festivals. We were always encouraged to be creative and to be ourselves.


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What are your aspirations for the future?

I have been accepted on to the Software Development T Level Course, which I’m hoping to pass with good grades! Afterwards I wish to go into university studying either Software Development or Cyber Security. I also have aspirations to hopefully one day live and study abroad in Japan!


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Would you recommend the course to anyone else, if so, why?

Absolutely! Especially from my experience of the level 2 course.

If you’re in a similar position to where I was when I applied, I’d highly recommend following the steps I took. The level 2 studies were so useful before moving up to level 3, it helped with gaining a base level knowledge of the course and with getting to know the college.


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Congratulations on winning ‘Best Esports Event’ at our annual showcase awards! Can you please tell us more about the winning project and how it felt to win?



I still remember the exact moment I found out! I was walking around B&M with my parents, when suddenly I got loads of messages from the team group chat. I saw a message that said “WE WON THE NATIONAL!” I was confused for a second on what that meant but it was quickly explained how our Esports event won the Best Esports Event award at the National Showcase Awards. The video of the announcement saying “The national award goes to… Norwich! And the students are: Kane, Sam, Toby”

We were all super excited over how big of an achievement it was for us. Personally for me it was such a motivating moment because I’ve never really been considered an exceptional student or had much success throughout my education. However, all that changed at college, even getting my first ever Distinction. So, it was such a huge jump and big achievement for me! It felt amazing, I’d never expected something like that to happen.

It just goes to show that if you try, you can actually make things happen!


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Last updated on: 26th March 2024