5 jobs in the film industry

Did you know that studying film can lead to numerous creative and exciting job opportunities across different industries? If you have a genuine passion for any aspect of filmmaking then working in this industry will be incredibly rewarding. It often involves collaborating and networking with different people which can open the door to all kinds of exciting opportunities. The film industry offers opportunities for creative expression in various roles, whether you’re interested in working behind-the-scenes or prefer being in front of the camera, there are plenty of career paths to explore.

Check out our top five jobs in film below:



Production assistant handling lights on set

Production assistant

A production assistant supports the entire team to ensure that the project runs as smoothly as possible. This is usually an entry-level position where you will gain valuable experience and make new and exciting connections in the industry. Due to the nature of this role, the responsibilities vary depending on the needs of the production, but generally they include:

  • Assisting with setting up and breaking down the equipment on set
  • Running various errands, this could be picking up coffees, printing and distributing scripts/call sheets
  • Transporting the cast and crew to and from various locations
  • Supporting the cast with quick costume changes 
  • Helping out with any necessary administrative tasks, such as answering phones, scheduling, organising paperwork etc.



Film editor working on project

Film/Video Editor

If you enjoy creating storylines then this role is ideal for you! A film/video editor works in post-production composing and editing the raw footage to help to create the final product. They often work closely with the director to ensure that their edit is in line with the vision and they have a huge impact on the quality and delivery of the overall product. This role combines a mixture of creative vision with technical skills, some of their responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing raw footage to determine what will be used in the final cut
  • Using editing software to adjust the clips and add in any effects or transitions if required
  • Sound editing to remove any background noise, add music or adjust audio levels
  • Applying colour correction to achieve a consistent look throughout the project. 




The videographer plays a key role in bringing visual stories to life by capturing high-quality footage. This is not as easy as you may think it is, the videographer also needs to make sure that the lighting and audio are perfect and the camera is steady. So, for anyone who has an eye for detail and a creative spirit, this role will suit you down to the ground. Here are some of their main responsibilities:

  • Pre-production: planning and organising the shoot
  • Production: operating cameras, controlling the audio equipment, setting up the lighting and framing shots
  • Post-production: editing footage, adding effects and filters if needed
  • Directing people to make sure that they can capture specific actions, scenes, dialogue and events. According to Indeed, the best videographers are warm and friendly as it is important to make the cast feel comfortable.



Film set runner with clipboard on set


The runner supports all of the crew by carrying out a variety of different tasks. These tasks vary each day depending on the needs of the production, so a runner needs to be adaptable, positive and motivated. This entry-level position is a good starting point to get into the industry as you will be able to network and possibly progress to a higher position if you’re successful in the role. Therefore, if you want a starting point or you don’t really know what you want to do in the creative industry, the role of a runner is a great way to do a bit of everything and learn from everyone before moving into your chosen role. Your work will generally involve:

  • Setting up locations for a shoot
  • Hiring props and transporting equipment
  • Assisting with the maintenance and cleanliness of the set
  • Multi-tasking and being organised to prioritise tasks as they come in on the day
  • Running various errands, such as picking up supplies, printing and general admin.

As well as the above, there are plenty of other just as important roles available in the film industry you could explore. These include: 



Female Programme researcher at work

Programme Researcher

As a programme researcher, you will provide support to the producers, directors and writers by carrying out factual research to ensure the correct information is being shown. This research is done by using sources such as the internet, film archives and museum collections. You will also be responsible for gaining copyright clearance for the use of music and literary material in the production. This is a great role for somebody who enjoys history or loves to watch films and videos, as you will be getting paid for doing what you love! Some of their duties include:

  • Content research on relevant subjects from reputable sources
  • Fact-checking to ensure the content is accurate
  • Archive research to find relevant footage, photos or documents to support the narrative of the project
  • Providing background information to help develop the script
  • Writing concise and factual documents
  • Working closely with producers providing them with the necessary research materials and information to inform editorial decisions and shape the direction of the program.



As you can see, there are lots of different exciting roles in the film industry out there! Don’t worry if you feel that you may lack some experience, have a look at My First Job In Film which gives you access to the latest resources and opportunities. Breaking into this industry and establishing a successful career will require perseverance and resilience but once you’re in, it is a fulfilling industry to work in!

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Last updated on: 20th March 2024