5 reasons why you should study these four courses

We’ve been delivering high quality courses for 30 years. As we go into the new academic year let’s shine a spotlight on some of our newer courses that span across more creative industries, and why you should study them. 

As the exciting world of the creative industries continues to expand, so do we. We ensure that we provide you with the latest knowledge, technologies and practices.

Read more about our new creative courses and 5 reasons why you should study them…




5 Reasons to study Animation and VFX

1. Access to the bespoke rendering software that was used to animate Pixar movies, RenderMan. We understand that to be the best, you need to have access to the best equipment and software available. The kind of stuff that the professionals use to create their masterpieces. So we geared our students up with Pixar’s RenderMan. Read more about Pixar’s RenderMan at ACC here.


2. Our strong industry connections. We have strong established connections with industry professionals, providing students with the opportunity for real industry experience and valuable networking and collaboration opportunities. Find out more about our industry links here.


3. Develop transferable production skills in a wide range of areas. With hybrid sessions students will gain hands-on experience and enhance their skills in design, film and photography developing their knowledge and experience with industry-standard equipment and techniques.


4. Collaboration with other pathways. Students will work with peers from other disciplines such as music. This solidifies relationships and expands knowledge into other creative industries.


5. Clear progression routes and career opportunities. There are an abundance of wide-ranging career opportunities and higher education study options, such as going onto university or A2HE courses such as our Media and Content Creation course. Media is a rapidly growing industry. There are even more career opportunities in sub-fields including social media marketing, film and television production, journalism and more.

Learn more about our Animation & VFX course here




5 Reasons to study Esports Management

1. Competition is at the heart of our curriculum. You will compete in tournaments both in college and at external events. You even have the chance to become part of a national team, the ACES, who reached the semifinals of the BA tournaments.


2. Real world experience. Take advantage of GoLive, our bespoke programme that offers real-world experience running esports events on a national scale.


3. Learn a variety of transferable skills. Led by industry experts, you’ll learn to start your own business, run events, market yourself, live stream and so much more. Gain all the skills you need to launch a game-changing team.


4. Access to state of the art game labs and super-spaces. Jump into our Overclockers computer labs, and esports competition superspaces (London campus only) equipped to give you all the tools you need throughout your studies.


5. Clear progression routes and career opportunities. The opportunities after this course are endless, such as esports coaching and analysis, streamer, digital marketer, business owner and so much more. Dictate your own path. 

Learn more about our Esports Management course here




5 Reasons to study Music Performance and Technology

1. Access to industry standard equipment. You’ll be taught by experts who are actively working within the music industry, on state of the art, industry standard equipment and are able to get stuck into our very own performance spaces and recording studios.


2. Incredibly successful alumni. We have an impressive roster of alumni who have achieved big and great things, including Ed Sheeran, Amy Love (Nova Twins), Let’s Eat Grandma and Sam Bowden (Neck Deep). Learn more about our alumni here.


3. Strong industry connections. We maintain strong partnerships and connections with a variety of industry professionals and companies. Not only this but you’ll be amongst a huge network of fellow musicians, aspiring producers, beat makers, managers and more. Your team can be made at ACC. Find out more about our industry links here.


4. Real-world experience. Our music students benefit from live performance opportunities, whether that’s in our dedicated spaces or for some of the biggest festivals in the UK. We provide the opportunity for students to perform live and work at many festivals including Latitude, Love Saves the Day and Green Man. Learn more about our festival partnerships here.


5. Clear progression routes and career opportunities. The job and higher education opportunities are vast after studying music performance and technology. You can go onto university, or check out our A2HE courses, or continue your studies with our one of a kind Artist Development course.


Learn more about our Music Performance and Technology course here.




5 Reasons to study Software Development

1. Secure an industry work placement. On this T-Level course, you’ll spend 45 days on an industry work placement giving you real world experience and an excellent starting point to your career.


2. Access to industry standard technology and software. We can take your talent further by being taught on high-spec computers filled with industry standard software such as VS Code, Wireshark, Git and professional hacking tools like TryHackMe.


3. Be fully equipped for employment. Touching on both core concepts and specialist skills, we’ll equip you with many weapons in your arsenal to put you at the front of the queue for employers. Our curriculum prepares you for university or to enter the working world as a software developer, tester, web developer or many more!


4. Network with industry professionals. While studying with us you’ll network with industry professionals, meaning you’ll leave us with the connections that will turbo-charge your career prospects.


5. Build your portfolio whilst you work. Our curriculum is project-based learning, which means all students will be building their portfolios as they go along. 


Learn more about our Computing course here.



If you want to explore the full range of courses that we offer, head over to the courses directory on our website. Alternatively, apply now here!  

Last updated on: 19th February 2024