ACC Alumni: Beth McCarthy

If you’re an avid TikTok fan and music lover, chances are you’ve come across Beth McCarthy. This rising star is taking the industry by storm, and her journey from aspiring vocalist to viral sensation is nothing short of epic.

Back in 2014, Beth was a student at Access Creative College (ACC), honing her incredible vocal skills and soaking up all the industry knowledge she could. Whilst on her course, she landed a spot on the third season of The Voice.

Fast forward to 2024, and Beth has become a full-fledged TikTok phenomenon. With a staggering 820K followers, she’s mastered the art of connecting with fans on a personal level, consistently serving up authentic content that has amplified her music’s reach to unprecedented levels. Beth has cultivated a devoted fanbase that can’t get enough of her infectious energy, message and sound.

Beth’s success goes way beyond the digital realm. In 2024, she embarked on her debut UK and Europe headline tour, selling out venues and cementing her status as a live performer to be reckoned with. From Radio 1’s Big Weekend to the iconic Rock For People festival, Beth has graced major stages and we know there’s going to be more to come!

In a recent interview with Celeb Mix, Beth credits ACC for providing her with the freedom and support to actively pursue her passion. “ACC gave me so much support and so much freedom to actively pursue music. Being able to study music and performance, but also go out and gig and network and actually do the thing you want to do is so important, and I don’t think I would’ve had that opportunity had I chosen to study somewhere else.”

Beyond the educational benefits, Beth highlights the invaluable experience of being surrounded by like-minded creatives. “I met so many like-minded friends through ACC who I worked with in music for years after leaving! Being around other creatives is such an important thing when you’re trying to pursue a career in the creative industry because not only do they inspire you to be better and to be motivated, but they also end up being really great allies in a really tough industry, which makes all the difference.”

For aspiring musicians of any age, Beth’s advice is simple: “Don’t stop trying, the only way to guarantee you won’t make it is if you give up. Don’t give in to the ‘compare and despair’ mindset… Be kind to people and try to support other creatives whenever you can. It’s a tough industry made so much easier by nice people!”

Last updated on: 6th June 2024