GoLive Careers Week: A Festival of Creative Opportunities

This week we celebrated GoLive Careers Week (coinciding with the wider National Careers Week), a special time of the year here at ACC. 

Our students have the opportunity to learn more about their future creative career opportunities by taking part in a series of hands-on activities both in and outside of college.


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What’s involved?

One of the key activities within our careers week is the ‘creative project’. Developed in partnership with Speakers for Schools and employers including Autotrader, UK Music, AIM, BPI, Birmingham Film & TV Market, Vulpine Esports and more, the project sees our students working to a brief set by a relevant company or organisation. 

The briefs can be wide ranging including 2021’s RSPB Actions for Nature project, in which students were asked to create something within their chosen field that would inspire the general public to take more action for nature. Projects like these help our students to bridge the gap between the classroom and working world, instilling professionalism, building relationships with key industry organisations and highlighting what it takes to truly excel post-education.  

Alongside this students are also offered specialist webinars based on their career goals, as well as more general content including financial support workshops from HSBC and sexual health sessions from Brook and Terrence Higgins Trust.

Lastly, students also have exclusive access to streamed sessions from our Higher Education partner Confetti’s Industry Week. These sessions come from industry experts such as Jason Williamson (Sleaford Mods), Sister Bliss, Ace Ruele, Andy Rourke (formerly of The Smiths), recording legend Ken Scott and creative career champions, ERIC.


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Why do we offer it?

This unique week is just one of the many things we do here to help prepare our students for their future careers. Learning directly from employers is a rare and invaluable opportunity to gain the insight needed to match their skills to the needs of the industry, and facilitating these opportunities is one of the most important things we do at ACC. 

If you’re feeling inspired and you’re ready to develop the skills you need for a creative career, in a bespoke environment designed to help you succeed, we’ve got lots of open days coming up in your area. Come and find out more about what we can offer you this September by registering here

Last updated on: 15th November 2023