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Earlier this year, four local Bristol creatives embarked on a 12 week tech scholarship, learning how to bring live events to virtual spaces. The scholarship, the result of a partnership between Access Creative College (ACC), local technology startup Condense and venture capital fund LocalGlobe offered a unique curriculum taking in 3D modelling, VFX, virtual worlds and more. The scholarship, (applications open again from now until September) for a second round, is aimed at widening diversity within the tech industry by focusing on recruiting women and people of colour; groups that are heavily underrepresented in the sector.



The first run of the scholarship was hugely successful, with one of the scholars, Olivia, receiving a role at Condense upon completion of the course. Bristol based Olivia, 24, now works as an Account Manager at the company.


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“When I first saw the Condense Scholarship, I was instantly excited about the opportunity of being taught something that felt so futuristic and groundbreaking that I wouldn’t have the opportunity to learn otherwise. I’ve been interested in the tech industry for years but after finishing my Psychology Degree, I wasn’t sure how I could get into the industry without paying for another course. As someone who is passionate about psychology, I was interested in how this new advancement in technology would impact our society. I knew that participating in the Condense Scholarship would allow me to broaden my horizons, learn some incredible new skills, and contribute to shaping the future.

The scholarship empowers individuals from under-represented backgrounds to learn new technical skills. By utilising different perspectives, it broadens the scope for creativity. When new perspectives and experiences are introduced, it opens the doors to groundbreaking advancements as well as meaningful societal impact.”

Olivia and her fellow scholars were selected from a pool of more than 50 applicants, based on their passion and engagement, as much as their knowledge and skills. The tech industry is competitive, and to succeed it’s important to be engaged in what’s happening.



“I went into the scholarship eager to learn as much as I could and thanks to our brilliant lecturers, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I learned in a short space of time. I did a fair amount of research on Condense, including following them on Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube to see what they were creating. I also read lots of articles written about the company with their upcoming events and advancements in the live streaming of volumetric video. Condense’s cutting-edge innovation positions me as a well-rounded candidate for many roles within the industry.”


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To create their live events in virtual spaces, the scholars used Condense’s custom virtual spaces rig, as well 3D modelling software like Unity and the latest industry standard equipment including virtual reality headsets and collaborative platforms in bespoke labs at ACC Bristol. At the end of the twelve week programme, Olivia was offered an Accounts Manager role at Condense.


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“I am delighted to have been offered the role of Accounts Manager at Condense following the completion of the scholarship. As part of my role, I will serve as a crucial link between clients and the Studio 5 team, collaborating to bring their virtual reality venue and event ideas to life. This involves understanding clients’ preferences and translating their visions into immersive experiences.


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I love that this technology brings people together, whether that’s providing opportunities to people with disabilities, social anxiety, loved ones in different locations and/or time zones, and those who couldn’t usually afford to see their favourite artists live. Working for Condense, I am surrounded by many talented people who share that drive to connect people. Everyone is very enthusiastic to share their knowledge and I’m really excited to learn from them and continue improving my skills in creating these unique immersive experiences.”



The Condense scholarship reopened for applications on 1st July 2023 with the aim of continuing to drive diversity in the sector and provide more trained staff to local tech employers. Olivia’s advice for anyone interested in applying is to research and experiment with existing tools.


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“I can honestly say that everyone interested should apply. As long as you put in the time and effort to learn then you’ll get out of it as much as you put in. Dive into research, engage in online communities, attend virtual events, and experiment with free tools like Blender and Unity. Building a strong foundation of knowledge and skills will pave the way for creativity. Additionally, seek out mentors and surround yourself with like-minded individuals with an interest to learn more. During the scholarship, we all had very different styles and our final projects all looked very different. This meant that we had diverse skill sets within 3D modelling, texturing, Unity etc. that we could share with each other which really improved our projects.”




Applications for the next round of the Condense scholarship opened on July 1st 2023, with a proposed start date of October 2023. All applications from  Bristol residents over the age of 19 are welcome, with applications particularly encouraged from people from minority backgrounds and women. To find out more and apply, visit accesscreative.ac.uk/campaign/condense-scholarship.

Last updated on: 20th February 2024