How to Get Your Music Featured on Playlists and Blogs

In today’s music industry, getting your music featured on playlists and blogs can be a game-changer for artists looking to gain exposure and build a dedicated fan base.

With the rise of streaming platforms and the ever-growing influence of social media, these channels have become powerful tools for music discovery and promotion. But where do you even get started? Let’s explore strategies to help you get your music playlisted and featured on influential blogs, amplifying your reach and connecting with new audiences.


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How to get on Spotify playlists

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Additionally, engaging with Spotify’s playlist curators and pitching your music directly to them can be an effective strategy. Many curators are open to submissions and actively seek out new and exciting artists to feature on their playlists. Here are some ways to get noticed and featured on Spotify playlists:

  • Use SubmitHub or PlaylistPush: These platforms connect artists with playlist curators who are actively seeking new music. You can submit your tracks and pay a fee for consideration.
  • Reach out to independent curators: Identify popular independent playlists in your genre and reach out to the curators directly, pitching your music and explaining why it would be a good fit for their playlist.
  • Leverage social media: Follow and engage with playlist curators on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Share your music, interact with their content, and build relationships.
  • Offer exclusive content: Offer playlist curators exclusive content, such as behind-the-scenes footage, unreleased tracks, or early access to new music, to incentivise them to feature your music.
  • Network and collaborate: Attend industry events, conferences, and showcases to network with playlist curators, influencers, and other industry professionals who can help get your music featured on playlists.
  • Optimise your metadata: Make sure your song titles, artist name, album artwork, and descriptions are compelling and accurately represent your music. Use relevant keywords and genres to increase discoverability.
  • Submit to Spotify’s editorial playlists: Spotify has a team of curators who create official playlists. You can submit your music for consideration through their artist portal or by reaching out to the curators directly.
  • Leverage Spotify for Artists: This platform provides valuable insights into your audience, including which playlists your music is being added to. Use this data to identify relevant playlists and curators to target.
  • Collaborate with other artists: If you’re featured on another artist’s track, their fans may discover your music and add it to their playlists, increasing your visibility.
  • Engage with your fans: Encourage your fans to add your songs to their personal playlists and share them with their friends, which can lead to more exposure and potential playlist placements.


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Leverage SoundCloud for Playlist Exposure

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SoundCloud is a popular platform for independent artists and has a thriving community of curators. By actively engaging with this community and submitting your music to relevant playlists, you can increase your chances of being featured and reaching new listeners. 

SoundCloud has an extensive network of playlists so it’s important to search for those that align with your genre and style. Reach out to playlist curators, share your music, and express your interest in being featured. Building relationships with these curators can lead to valuable exposure and potential collaborations. Remember, it’s all about making those connections, so it’s important to craft a message that appears authentic and friendly – some may be ignored, but even if one or two messages land with a response, you’re on to a great start!


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Utilise Music Distribution Services

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Platforms like DistroKid, Ditto, and AWAL offer music distribution services that can help you get your music on major streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. These services often have partnerships with playlist curators and can increase your chances of being featured on popular playlists.

DistroKid, for example, has a feature called “Playlists” that allows you to submit your music for consideration on curated playlists across various streaming platforms. Ditto and AWAL also offer similar services, providing opportunities for your music to be discovered by new audiences.


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Promote Your Music on Social Media

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Social media platforms have become powerful tools for music promotion and fan engagement. By building a strong presence on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, you can increase your visibility and connect with potential fans and influencers.

Check out our blog posts on How to Promote Your Music on TikTok in 2024 and Building an Audience Using Social Media for valuable insights and strategies to effectively promote your music and grow your online following.


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Engage with Music Blogs and Influencers

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Music blogs and influencers play a crucial role in shaping the music industry and influencing trends. By building relationships and providing them with high-quality content, you can increase your chances of being featured on their platforms.

Identify influential blogs and influencers within your genre and reach out to them with personalised pitches. Share your music, press releases, and any noteworthy achievements or collaborations. Engaging with their content and fostering genuine connections can go a long way in gaining valuable exposure and support.

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Last updated on: 20th June 2024