Meet the young students involved in Bristol’s most cutting-edge tech course

After a successful first run, Access Creative College and Condense, with support from LocalGlobe, have welcomed the second wave of students onto a unique, cutting edge scholarship programme.

The Condense x Access Creative College Scholarship programme was open to young Bristol creatives from ethnic minority backgrounds and other under-represented groups. Set over 12 intensive weeks that began in October, the programme gives students the skills they need to bring live events to virtual spaces, including 3D modelling, realtime VFX and more. 

Two Bristol students working together

The programme also serves as a means for individuals from minority representation to gain a foothold within the tech industry. According to the 2020 Tech Talent Charter only one in ten A-Level computer studies students is female and a sample of the UK’s top 16 tech companies showed that out of 152 board positions, only four were held by someone from an ethnic minority background.

Together with support from Condense, the students have been tasked with creating a digital venue to host live events using Unity. This is an opportunity for the students to harness their creative potential and be part of the bleeding edge of AR and VR technology. Now, with the course in full-flow, students have been learning about 3D modelling techniques, photogrammetry and textures, plugin integration, realtime VFX, and enhancing virtual worlds. 

Meet the four people taking part in this unique and exciting journey.


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Jan, 30

Enrolling as a Condense Scholar aligns perfectly with my passion for filmmaking and my insatiable desire to create immersive worlds on the silver screen. As a filmmaker, I believe that the ability to craft compelling narratives within rich, detailed environments is paramount to captivating audiences. 

The Condense program offers a unique opportunity to delve deep into the realms of world-building, providing me with the tools and knowledge to breathe life into my cinematic visions.  From mastering advanced storytelling techniques to acquiring technical skills in visual effects and design, the program promises to be a transformative journey that will undoubtedly elevate my filmmaking expertise.

In addition to honing my craft, I am eager to leverage the diverse perspectives and collaborative spirit within the Condense community. Engaging with fellow scholars and industry professionals will not only expand my technical know-how but also expose me to a myriad of creative influences. This immersive learning experience is not just about acquiring skills; it’s about cultivating a dynamic network and fostering a creative ecosystem that will fuel my passion for storytelling in the ever-evolving landscape of filmmaking.


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Rebecca, 26

I’m Beck and I’m originally from Kent but recently moved to Bristol.

Working with Condense on the scholarship is an amazing opportunity for me to dive into the world of 3D animation and gain practical experience in creating virtual experiences. My background in 2D animation provides me with a strong foundation in the principles of animation, which will be invaluable as I venture into the realm of 3D.

Be it in gaming, film or art, I’ve always had a fascination with immersive spaces that blend technology with real-life experiences, and I’m ready to create content that not only entertains but also provides unique and engaging experiences for audiences. Learning new software and techniques from Condense expands my skill set and allows me to bring my creative visions to life in different dimensions. I’m excited to embrace this opportunity to collaborate and learn while creating content for Condense’s platform.


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Kate, 23

I studied Television Management and Short Film Creation. While I have no previous experience in 3D modelling, I wanted to join this course to enhance my skills. Learning more about online events in the metaverse is really interesting to me. 

I’m excited to gain in-depth knowledge about the latest technologies and software at Condense, including their innovative rig to create a metaverse event. This course enhances my skills and boosts my future projects.


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Lok, 25

I have a background in Events Management and have always enjoyed organising events. When I discovered the Condense Scholarship, I was immediately drawn to the possibility of creating an interactive event experience for the audience. Before Condense, I was working as a Digital Marketer for a music conference and award. I am excited to transform a traditional physical event into a virtual event.


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Two tech students working on project together

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For more information on Condense, visit www.condense.live or follow @condensereality across social platforms. 

Last updated on: 26th February 2024