Turning your Love of Gaming into a Career

Do you love gaming? Did you know you could fully immerse yourself in the gaming world by turning this passion into a career?

Here we chat with Brenna, Games Development Alumni from our Norwich campus who is on her way to doing exactly that!


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Hi Brenna! Thank you for speaking with us! Let’s start with telling us why you decided to study Games Development Level 3. 

I decided to study this course as I’ve had an interest in gaming my whole life. I grew up on classic games like Mario and Pacman. I made silly little games growing up but decided that I wanted to take my skills in game making further. I knew that this course could teach me every element that goes into the game making process and use my creativity to my full potential.


Work by Brenna Syrad


What did you enjoy about your time studying with us? Do you have any particular highlights?

I enjoyed how my class was small, which meant more 1-1 time with the lecturers, and I got to know my classmates very well. I liked the common room in addition as that was the place where I could hangout with my friends during free time.


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That’s great to hear! We pride ourselves on having a strong community-like feel to each of our campuses. What are your next steps for the future?

I am going on to study 3D Game Art at Buckinghamshire New University. This course will help me achieve my goal of being a 3D artist for video games.

My ultimate career goal is to work for an AAA games company such as Rockstar Games.


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Wow! Those are some great aspirations to have. How did Access help you get to where you need to be?

Access helped me alot to get me ready for university. I had regular 1-1 meetings with my course leader discussing my next steps and how to get there.

Access also put on careers fairs, showing me opportunities I could get involved in and all of the different university options.


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Would you recommend the course to anyone else, If so why?

I would recommend this course to people who are creative and have a passion to make video games. This course covers every aspect in making a video game, from 3D modelling assets, to coding in a games engine. The course was very well put together to make the students an all rounder video game maker.


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Congratulations on winning the best game in Norwich! How do you feel after winning? Can you please tell us more about the project?

I feel so proud and excited after winning the Best Game Award. I didn’t think I would win at first because I looked at all the nominations and everyone’s games were very good. However, as my name got called out, all I could think about was ‘Wow. I actually made something that people enjoyed’.

The winning game was for my second year Game Engines assignment, with the theme ‘Escape’. I came up with a storyline for my game, which would make the players feel on edge. The game took about 4 weeks to design and make fully. 

You can take a look at Brenna’s portfolio that she built up during her time at ACC, here:


If you’re interested in taking your love of gaming to the next level, learn more about our courses here.

Last updated on: 14th November 2023