5 reasons you may want to study a Level 2 course

For school leavers or those looking to upskill, Level 2 courses are a gateway to a new career. This blog post outlines what to consider before you decide to study a Level 2 course


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What is a Level 2 course?

Before you commit to a Level 2 course, it’s important to understand more about it. 

Level 2 qualifications are often the next step after GCSEs – they are intermediate courses aimed at those looking to broaden their skills, knowledge, and understanding in a chosen field.  

They are equivalent to GCSEs grades A* to C and open pathways to higher-level courses, technical careers, and professional training.

Here are five reasons why a Level 2 course could be your ideal next step


1) Preparing you for the world of work

Level 2 courses are rooted in practical skills and applicable knowledge. They are designed to develop students and give them the abilities needed to excel in a chosen profession. Whether you’re a recent school leaver or a professional seeking to retrain, the practical experience gained through a Level 2 course can give you an edge in the job market. 


2) A stepping stone to higher-level qualifications

For many, Level 2 courses serve as a critical stepping stone to further or higher education. Upon completion, you are eligible to pursue Level 3 courses, apprenticeships, or other higher-level qualifications. 

This route ensures you have a solid foundation in the career pathway you have chosen.


3) Option to specialise in areas of interest

One of the main advantages of a Level 2 course is the diverse range of subjects available. From computing to music technology, you can find Level 2 courses to suit almost every industry and aspiration.

This diversity allows you to explore various fields and specialise in the area that interests you the most. By following your passions and enhancing your skills through a specialised and practical course, you not only improve your job prospects but also increase your potential job satisfaction.


4) Supportive learning environment

Most institutions that offer Level 2 courses provide tailored support for learners. The smaller class sizes and focused course content create an environment that is supportive and conducive to learning. 

With access to personable tutors and industry leaders, you can be assured that you will receive the guidance needed to excel academically and professionally.


5) Promotes lifelong learning

Beyond the immediate educational and career benefits, Level 2 courses instil a culture of lifelong learning. By undertaking further study as an adult, you develop an ongoing curiosity for knowledge that goes beyond the syllabus. 

A ‘growth mindset’ is invaluable in a rapidly changing job market and economy. Lifelong learners are often the most adaptable, ambitious, and successful professionals.


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Are Level 2 courses worth it?

Level 2 students having fun while studying

The value of a Level 2 course can be judged based on your circumstances and long-term goals. 

The potential for earning more, combined with the opportunities for career advancement, are reasons to value Level 2 courses. Additionally, further education is an investment in personal development, offering intangible benefits that can boost an individual’s personal life.


Are Level 2 courses full-time?

The Level 2 courses we offer at Access Creative College are classroom-based and are full-time. Typically, the courses will last a standard academic year, with approximately 38 weeks of study and your working week is made up of around 14 hours. In addition, you will need to factor in study time and one-to-one reviews. 


Am I eligible for a free Level 2 course?

In most cases, if you do not already have a Level 2 qualification, you may be eligible for funding for your course. Various government schemes, such as an Adult Learning Grant and the Advanced Learner Loan, are designed to remove financial barriers to education for learners of all ages. 

Another way to access a level 2 course is through an apprenticeship. At Access Creative College we are an apprenticeship provider and work with companies who put their employees through an apprenticeship. For more information please visit our site.


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Level 2 courses at Access Creative College

Level 2 photography students

Here at Access Creative College (ACC) we are a leading creative FE college in the UK, focusing on launching the careers of the next generation of creatives through innovative and practical training. 

With a curriculum designed to meet the industry’s latest demands, we provide a comprehensive educational experience across several creative disciplines, including music, games, media, esports, and computing.


Level 2 music courses

The Level 2 courses in Music Technology we offer are for those who have a passion for music production and technology but require further development of their skills before advancing to more rigorous levels of study. 

These courses serve as a foundation, offering students a broad understanding of music technology, studio and live sound, event production, and performance-related subjects. This entry-level stage is crucial for building the confidence and competence needed to excel in the competitive music industry.


Level 2 games course

The Level 2 Games Development course we provide introduces students to the fundamental aspects of game design, development, and asset creation. It covers a broad spectrum of topics including, but not limited to, basic programming, game production, digital and graphic design, animation, and the use of various software tools essential in the creation of digital games. 


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The decision-making process

To help decide where to study a Level 2 course there are a few things you can do. You could attend open days or virtual tours to get a feel for the colleges available. These events allow you to speak with course tutors and find out about the modules, assessment methods, and student support services. 

You could also seek advice from professionals in the field you want to enter to ensure that the course provides the relevant skills and knowledge needed. You could speak with alumni or current students to understand their experiences and the impact the course has had on their careers.


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Opening doors to further opportunities

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The choice to join a Level 2 course is not one to be taken lightly. It requires consideration of your aspirations, the course content, and available support and funding.

However, as stated previously, Level 2 courses provide a strong foundation for personal growth and career advancement. They offer practical, vocational training that is highly regarded by employers and serves as a launchpad for further study.

Deciding to join a Level 2 course represents a commitment to self-improvement and a better future.  If you find yourself at this crossroads, consider these reasons carefully, and take the next step with confidence.

If you wish to enrol on one of Access Creative College’s Level 2 courses, apply online today!

Last updated on: 3rd May 2024