A guide to the best photography spots in Norwich

Norwich is a vibrant city where our love is constantly growing. With its historic charm and modern allure, picturesque scenes await around every corner. 

Nestled in the heart of England’s captivating countryside, Norwich andradiates an abundance of photogenic treasure just waiting to be discovered by eager photographers. 

From its ancient architecture to beautiful green spaces, our guide will lead you through the best photography spots that Norwich has to offer. Whether you are a professional, amateur or student photographer, prepare yourself to capture the essence of this enchanting city through your lens, creating timeless memories just one click at a time. So let’s embark on a journey to uncover Norwich’s hidden gems and iconic landmarks, all through the lens of photography.


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1) Norwich City Skyline

Norwich city skyline

The Norwich city skyline is a captivating blend of historical and contemporary architecture which is wide open, offering you a plethora of opportunities to capture stunning urban landscapes. With the soaring spire of Norwich Cathedral dominating the skyline, (which has stood as a beacon of mediaeval grandeur for centuries) the view is a striking juxtaposition of ancient and modern structure.

From the mediaeval charm of Norwich Castle to the sleek line of modern buildings, the skyline encapsulates the city’s rich heritage and vibrant present.  The river Wensum also adds extra dimension to the scenery offering reflections of the city’s diverse skyline and therefore giving photographers a unique perspective.


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2) Jarrold Bridge

Jarrold Bridge Norwich

Due to its picturesque location, Jarrold Bridge is an excellent photography spot. This location overlooks the River Wensum which offers stunning views of the cityscape. With the bridges modern design contrasts perfectly with the historical architecture, not only that but its ideal position allows for creative compositions with changing natural light throughout the day.

The beautiful reflections on the river add depth to photographs, making it a more compelling destination for photographers of all levels seeking captivating urban landscapes. Overall Jarrold Bridge stands as not only a functional structure but one that embodies the beauty and charm of Norwich. Whether you’re a professional photographer seeking to capture striking urban landscapes or an amateur enthusiast looking to hone your skills, Jarrold Bridge offers endless possibilities for creativity and inspiration.


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3) Pottergate

Pottergate in Norwich

Pottergate has immense historical charm. Its cobblestone streets, centuries-old buildings and charming architecture creates such a picturesque surrounding which never fails to provide a timeless backdrop for capturing classic Norwich scenes. The lively atmosphere of Pottergate, with its bustling cafés, quaint shops, and colourful street art, lends itself perfectly to street photography. As a photographer, Pottergate is the perfect place to capture candid moments of everyday life, infused with the unique character of the area. Another one of Pottergate’s many charms is its architectural details from its intricate doorways to its ornate facades. 


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4) Hook’s Walk

Hooks Walk, Norwich

Hook’s Walk is a serene photography spot that we love. Its seamless blend of natural beauty with its urban tranquillity is magnificent. Situated along the picturesque River Wensum, this hidden gem offers photographers a peaceful retreat from Norwich’s bustling streets, inviting you to immerse yourself in the calm ambience of flowing water, lush greenery and historical architecture.

Hook’s Walk takes you past charming footbridges and historic mill buildings, providing photographers with a diverse range of subjects to capture. From its vibrant colours of foliage to the reflections on the river’s surface, every corner of Hook’s Walk offers you opportunities for you to show your creative expression.


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5) Elm Hill

Elm Hill, Norwich

Elm Hill stands as a timeless testament to Norwich’s mediaeval charm, making it a superb photography spot. Its mediaeval cobblestone streets, timber frame buildings and quaint alleyways create the perfect backdrop that transports your photography to another era. Whether you’re capturing the intricate details of centuries-old architecture or the atmospheric ambience of its winding lanes, Elm Hill offers you endless opportunities for evocative and captivating photographs. So whether you are capturing the soft glow of dawn that illuminates the ancient cobblestone streets or the alleyways in its natural glory in the midday sun this is a gorgeous photography spot we would recommend. It is a wonderful place for people-watching and street photography. As someone who is really interested in old architecture Elm Hill is an idyllic place for architectural enthusiasts.


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6) Norwich Cathedral

Norwich Cathedral

Norwich Cathedral is an iconic symbol of architectural magnificence and spiritual grandeur, which makes it an exceptional photography spot which beckons both amateurs and professionals alike. Its spire, which soars high into the sky, serves as a focal point for capturing the perfect striking composition against the backdrop of Norfolk’s expansive skyline. The Cathedral is filled with intricate gothic architecture and with its intricate stone carvings and towering arches offer many opportunities for photographers to capture dramatic angles and different perspectives within this magnificent piece of history. 

Whether framed against a clear blue sky or covered in the warm hues of sunset, we can safely say that the cathedral’s timeless beauty transcends the boundaries of time and space, inviting photographers to capture moments of awe-inspiring splendour that will endure for many generations to come. Norwich Cathedral is another place that I have done many shoots, whether that is creating an advert or creating some stomach-turning photographs inspired by, and incorporating, its gothic architecture/ This, like Erpingham Gate, has been something that I frequently incorporate into my work. Similarly to Elm Hill if you are an architectural enthusiast this is possibly one of the best places for you to explore your unique photographic style. 

Find out more about the cathedral’s photography rules here – Norwich Cathedral Photography Policy.


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7) Erpingham Gate

Erpingham Gate, Norwich

This next location is linked to Norwich Cathedral and Erpingham Gate. Once again blending architectural grandeur with historical significance. Dating back to the 15th  century, this iconic landmark serves as a gateway to Norwich Cathedral Close, offering you and other photographers a glimpse into the city’s mediaeval past. Its impressive stone facade, adorned with intricate carvings and heraldic symbols, provides a striking focal point for compositions.

As sunlight filters through the ancient stone archways and cast dramatic shadows on the ancient warn steps, Erpingham Gate takes on a timeless quality that transports viewers to another era. Whether capturing the gate from a distance or exploring its intricate details up close, you will find endless opportunities for creative expression. With its incredible location within the cathedral precincts, Erpingham Gate also offers the chance to explore the surrounding grounds, including lush greenery tranquil courtyards, and hidden nooks waiting to be discovered.


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8) Upper St Giles Street

St Giles, Norwich

Now onto our next captivating photography spot, Upper St Giles Street. Like many areas in Norwich there is an incredible blend of historic architecture, cultural diversity, and its bustling street life. Its Georgian and Victorian facades, colourful storefronts and its charming cafés never fail to spark endless inspiration for photographers seeking to capture the city’s unique charm. From its elegant townhouses to its quirky shops every corner of this street offers a diverse range of compositions to explore. Whether you are trying to capture daily life or vibrant street scenes, Upper St Giles Street is constantly alive with stories waiting to be told through your camera lens, making it an unforgettable destination for your photographs.


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9) Pull’s Ferry

Pull’s Ferry, Norwich

Filled with its rich history and natural beauty, Pull’s Ferry is therefore one of our top photography spots. Its charming stone bridge and lush riverside foliage yet again provides a timeless backdrop. Its mediaeval architecture dating back to the 15th century, Pull’s Ferry offers striking visuals and a sense of tranquillity. Whether you are capturing the sunrise or sunset, this stunning landmark is sure to inspire photographers of all skill levels.


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10) Norwich Quayside

Norwich Quayside

We couldn’t create this location guide without including Norwich Quayside. With its historical charm yet modern vitality completes our list of exceptional photography spots that showcases the city’s dynamic character. Its bustling waterfront, historic buildings and scenic views the quayside offers you a diverse range of subjects and many compositions to explore.

From its iconic silhouette of Norwich Cathedral towering over the riverside skyline to the vibrant reflections beautifully dancing on the water’s surface, every single angle provides a new backdrop for creative expression through photography. The historic warehouses, now repurposed as trendy bars, restaurants and galleries add depth and character to the scene, offering you the opportunity to capture the juxtaposition of old and new. The quayside buzzes with energy and activity whether that is the boats gliding along the river or locals and visitors alike enjoying leisurely strolls along the waterfront all this creates a wonderful dynamic atmosphere that is perfect for capturing candid moments and vibrant street scenes. Like many of these locations whether bathed in the soft light of dawn or illuminated by the warm glow of sunset, Norwich Quayside is alive with stories waiting to be told through your lens, making it a must-visit destination for you and other photographers seeking to capture the essence of this history.

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Last updated on: 23rd May 2024