The Ultimate Guide to Plymouth Comic-Con 2024

What is Plymouth Comic Con 2024?

Comic Con is a convention that allows like minded people to celebrate all things from the geeky world in a safe space that allows you to be yourself and meet people with similar interests to you. Not just that but Comic Con has loads of vendors to buy from, including comics, games, figures, trading cards and plushies! 

If you’re looking for something obscure and hard to find from one of your favourite games or shows then Comic Con is a great place to look. Many of the vendors will be happy to help you find what you’re looking for! 

Comic Con is a great place to show off your cosplay and all the hard work you’ve put into it! Competitions for the best cosplay will be taking place, so dress to impress! Even if you’re not cosplaying yourself, make sure to get yourself down to the competition to appreciate all the hard work and talent these designers have put into their cosplay!

There’s lots to see and do at Plymouth Comic Con, so dive in head first and try to experience as much as you can! These events don’t happen too often in Plymouth so make sure to take advantage of every opportunity you can.


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Where and when is Plymouth Comic Con 2024? 

Plymouth comic con 2024

This year’s Comic Con takes place on Saturday 18th May starting at 10:00 until 16:30 and on Sunday 19th May between 10:00 and 16:00, giving you two days to come down and explore the convention! Maybe even both… The event will be taking place at the Plymouth Life Centre (Mayflower Drive, Plymouth, PL2 3DG) with parking available on site.


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Who are the guests at Plymouth Comic Con 2024?



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Eugene Simon, best known for his role in Game of Thrones will be at the event. Other guests also include:

  • David Leach – Cartoonist and animator behind ‘Psycho Gran’.
  • Chris Barrie – Played ‘Rimmer’ in ‘Red Dwarf‘.
  • Harry McEntrie – Actor who also starred in ‘Aethelwold’ and ‘The Last Kingdom‘.
  • Ryan Quarmby – Actor who starred in ‘The Last Kingdom’.
  • Ross Mullan – Actor who starred in ‘Game of Thrones’.
  • Mike Quinn – Starred as Nien Nunb (Lando’s copilot) in ‘Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi‘.


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What other events are at Plymouth Comic Con 2024?

If you’ve come in cosplay then there is an event just for you! The cosplay competition allows you to compete against other attendees in categories for the best cosplay. Pride and prizes are on the line for the best and most creative cosplays at the event.

Plymouth Comic Con is known for its roaming dinosaurs so we’re hoping they will make a return this year! Allowing young and old to get some snaps with those who roamed the earth before us. 

The convention also features Gaming Zone which allows attendees to play games new and old, and even use VR! Get that nostalgic feeling flowing through your veins as you play classics from your childhood or try out something new that you’ve never played before!


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What are some cosplay ideas for Comic-Con?

Cosplay should always be a character you have a connection with as you’re going to become them for the day. It also takes a lot of talent to design the costumes so you really need to know the character inside out.

Don’t be afraid to buy a costume online either, many people do as the talent required to make the costumes is a lot. Cosplay is inclusive to all so don’t feel intimidated by the creation process!

If you need a few suggestions though then read below.


Paul Atredies from Dune

This year’s smash hit from the box office can be dressed in many of his iconic outfits with relative ease and allows for some creativity and challenge if you wanted to try to recreate a stillsuit! 


Helldiver from Helldivers 2

Everyone has been playing Helldivers 2 this year so why not bring some bug squashing to Plymouth! A challenging outfit to pull off but the impressive armour design and customization in the game allows your cosplay to be extremely unique to you, also you get to wear a cape, everyone loves a cape.


Your favourite from Genshin Impact

Genshin has never been more popular than before and everyone has a favourite character so it makes choosing a cosplay really easy! What’s also really handy is that most popular characters have cosplay outfits you can buy on ebay or etsy so you can get involved without needing to make the outfit yourself!



Female dressed as superwoman

Looking to take part in your first ever cosplay? Picking a superhero is the best place to start! Most of their costumes are simple and easy to make! Or if you’re not feeling creative then you can buy costumes for most superheroes really easily and they might even have a more obscure version of your favourite character. You’ll also be really easily recognised at the convention which will definitely allow you to get into character! I don’t recommend trying to webswing anywhere if you’re cosplaying as Spider-Man though!


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Where can I get tickets for Plymouth Comic-Con 2024?

If you want to attend Plymouth Comic-Con in the summer, you can buy your ticket on Eventbrite. Tickers are £11 for those aged 14 and over, £7 for ages 6-13 and free for children under 6. Family tickets are also available.


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Last updated on: 17th April 2024